Draycott news: cup result; new Info centre; Park firm in spotlight

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-May 2013
We have news of:  Draycott Potter’s cup final; Albion aiming for the top; Cresswell Information Centre arrives; Business Park firm highlighted.

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– – –
So near… yet so far

Draycott Potter’s chance of some silverware came within inches of their grasp when they competed in the Uttoxeter & District League Charity Cup Final (on Friday 3 May) at the Rocester FC stadium.

Draycott Potter's second goal

Draycott’s second goal was from a penalty (thanks to JC for the photo)

The Potters (whose home pitch is in Cresswell) competed strongly, but they faced a JCB Lakeside team that has dominated the UDL Division One for most of this season, so it was a tough ask.
As it was, it was by the slimmest of margins that JCB finally triumphed, winning 4-3.

Disconsolate Draycott Potter players

Draycott Potter players were disconsolate at the end (thanks to JC for the photo)

Draycott Potter are now likely to finish in sixth position in Division One.  Next season they will hope to do what they did this year – make a very strong start to the season – but try to finish the second half of it more strongly.

– – –
Talking of football, the other team that plays on the Cresswell Old  Lane pitch, Tean Albion, have performed in exactly the opposite way to Draycott.
They actually had an indifferent start to the season, but have been on a surge since January, and now look likely to be championship winners in the Uttoxeter & District Sunday Football League.
The crunch match may be the one this Sunday when Albion are away to JCB Lakeside, which is the only team that can catch them.
Good luck, Albion!

– – –
‘Cresswell Information Centre’

Have you seen the changes to the old telephone kiosk in the Cresswell lay-by?  Members of the local action group, VVSM, have been working hard to clean, repaint and renovate the kiosk ready for its new life as the village’s ‘mini-museum’.
As you can see from the photo below, it will be officially known as the Cresswell Information Centre.  It will be officially opened next month.

Cresswell Information Centre

Change of use – from telephone box to ‘Cresswell Information Centre’

The Sentinel has done a lovely report on the kiosk project, which it published recently – see the Sentinel page here.

We mentioned this scheme to ‘adopt’ the kiosk on this website in our early January bulletin, where there is also an explanation of the BT Adopt-A-Kiosk idea.

Incidentally, you may be wondering what happened to the VVSM website – vvsm.co.uk.   Well, it seems like the domain was allowed to lapse, and so it is no longer ‘live’.
VVSM are discussing whether to re-start a website.

– – –
Businesses – cleaning up!

Incidentally, VVSM are still looking for local businesses and individuals who would like to sponsor a pane of glass at the Cresswell Information Centre (see details).

We wonder if they’ve approached L&R Site Services, which is based on Blythe Business Park in Cresswell.  The Sentinel did a great write-up on the firm, explaining that their business is cleaning.
The company employs high-pressure machines, using soda, to get rid of graffiti on walls, and can use the same technique on a wide range of materials.

In fact it would be great to see not just one but all the businesses on the industrial estate getting involved in a project like this; and thus playing a positive role in the village’s life.

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