News: volunteer awards / hit & run / Huntley opens / bin warning

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in middle-May 2013
We have news of:  recognition for Colin Dawson and Brian Hilton; Albion success; Huntley Wood opens; hit and run at St Mary’s; recycling bin warning.

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– – –
Congratulations to Colin

Colin Dawson has been part of the backbone of Blythe Cricket Club for longer than most of us can remember.  As the current chairman, he has led the club (which plays on the ground on Cresswell Lane) to its present level of success, both on and off the pitch.
Even now that he is older, he continues to drive the club forward on projects such as the rebuilding of the pavilion.

Colin Dawson

Colin Dawson (in blue cap) watching his beloved cricket team in action

So it’s great to hear that his efforts are to be recognised by a Volunteer Staffordshire certificate.  These certificates are issued to outstanding community volunteers, and Colin definitley qualifies there!

His name was put forward to the Volunteer Staffordshire people by Mark Deaville, in his role as one of our parish councillors, so it’s appropriate that the presentation will take place at the next parish council meeting.  This takes place on Monday May 20th at 7.30pm; so if you’d like to be there to see it, you’re welcome to come along.

Also receiving a Volunteer Staffordshire certificate is another Draycott stalwart, Brian Hilton.  Brian has been running Draycott Potter Football Club for the last twenty-one years, and, despite a recent bout of ill-health, has seen them have their most successful season this year.
To see a profile of Brian, click here.

– – – – – –
Talking of sport – congratulations also to Tean Albion.
The Albion share the Cresswell Old Road pitch with Draycott Potter and had a marvellous end to their season, playing so well that they will finish the year as champions of the Uttoxeter Sunday League.
If you want to see the champions in action, they play their last game of the season, on the Cresswell Old Road pitch, this Sunday morning (19th May) at 10.30am.

– – –
Huntley Wood is open for business

And… more congratulations!  This time to Emma and Jonathan at the Huntley Wood Outdoor Recreation Centre.   At last, the venue has opened;  and saw its first group-booking this month.

It has been a lousy twelve months for the couple, who’ve been dogged by bad weather in their preparation work on the old quarry site. What’s more, two-thirds of the site is still far from ready.
However, May (apart from a week of torrential rain…) has been kind so far, and the ‘Wyldwood’ section has been able to open.  So… all’s well that ends well?

Next week, a role-playing group will be in residence.  If you know something about the Dark Tempus live-action role-playing game, you could even apply, to see if you might be welcome…

– – –
Hit and run

Draycott has seen a few road accidents in the last few weeks or so, as we reported in a previous post.  And now, there is also another accident to report.  There has been a strange hit-and-run on the gates at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Creswell Old Road, which has left the gates a little mangled.

St Mary's Church gates

St Mary’s Church gates – a little the worse for wear

The guess is that someone was trying a three-point turn and was very clumsy at it.  It’s a shame they didn’t own up to it though.

– – –
Recycling warning

For the third time in as many months, the Moorlands District Council has issued a notice about incorrect items going into the recycling (grey) bin.  But, it seems, they are now getting serious.  (See SMDC Recycling Warning)

Not only will a householder get a warning whenever the ‘wrong’ items are in the bin, but offenders will have their recycling-bin removed if they get it wrong more than three times.

This seems a shame to us.  Councils are not always consistent about what goes into the recycling bin.  In Staffordshire alone, there are different recycling programmes for householders, according to which district council you belong to.
Maybe Staffordshire Moorlands Council needs to be much more precise about what it needs from us….?

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