Draycott news: potholes; election names; Arms painting; & fresh eggs!

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late May 2013

We have news of:  candidates standing in parish election; lots of fresh eggs for sale; paintings at The Arms; and potholes patched!
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Let battle commence

Well, it seems like there will be an election here on Thursday June 20th after all.

Two candidates have put their names forward for the vacant seat on the Draycott Parish Council, and so it will be a straight head-to-head fight between the pair of them.
The pair are: Roger Tabbernor, a former electrician; and Shelagh Wood, the chairperson of the VVSM community-action group.

For details on how to vote, and where: please click here

Let the campaigning begin!

– – –
Holes – patched

There has been a lot of energetic work by county highways crews recently.  They have been out patching up the many potholes that have cropped up on our roads following the bad weather.

We did a walk around the district six weeks ago, and frankly there were so many that they were too hard to count.
However, earlier this year the county council allocated a further half-million pounds across Staffordshire for the repairs, and now we are seeing the fruits of that.

'Patching' completed along Cresswell Old Lane

‘Patching’ completed along Cresswell Old Lane

If you want to see exactly what progress has been made there is a special Staffordshire County Potholes Web-page.  You can check here what the crews are up to day-by-day, as well as report any holes they may have missed.

– – –
Breakfast is served…

One bad thing about Draycott-in-the-Moors is that – since the closure of the old post office – there is no local shop from which to buy basic provisions.

However, at least you won’t ever need to go short of eggs in Draycott.  There are now a good half-dozen homes in the district advertising free-range eggs for sale.
The latest egg-selling house is to be found opposite the Draycott Sports Centre – with a half-dozen going for just £1.   See photo below.

Fresh free-range eggs for sale

Fresh free-range eggs for sale

Now, if only someone would sell home-made bread too… (!)

– – –
Art lovers

It’s good to see that The Draycott Arms pub is supporting the arts.

The newest painting to line its walls is a commission.  Local water-colourist Stuart Tunnicliffe was asked to do a picture of the Arms itself, which (of course) he was more than happy to do; and it already has pride of place in the snug.

Painting of Draycott Arms, by Stuart Tunnicliffe

Painting of Draycott Arms, by Stuart Tunnicliffe

Stuart himself is happy to take commissions, and keeps his prices low and affordable.

Stuart Tunnicliffe

Stuart Tunnicliffe sold some of his paintings at the 2012 St Margaret’s Fayre to help out the fund-raising

He also will donate paintings to charity, if he feels it’s for a good cause…

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