The unsolved mystery of Cresswell Old Road…

A few months ago, we put up an article on this website about the confusing way that different maps get the names of the roads in Cresswell all wrong.  See: Cresswell’s Crazy Street-Naming.

Well, one mystery perplexed us more than others.
Why did the road everyone knows as ‘Cresswell Old Lane’ (the one that goes from The Izaak Walton, past St Mary’s Church, and through Newton) have a street-sign at its eastern end – as you can see in the photo below – which clearly says ‘Cresswell Old Road’?

cresswell old road sign
The mysterious ‘Cresswell Old Road’ sign, where the road meets with Uttoxeter Road

Even the Post Office was baffled.  It was a mystery.

Last chance to see

Well, now Oliver Bagshaw (the street-numbering officer for Staffordshire Moorlands District Council) has waded in; and he thinks the whole thing is a strange mistake.

This is what he says:
“We have no record of Cresswell Old Road.
On the configurations made by Statmap (a geographical data organisation) however there is small piece of text saying ‘Cresswell Old Road’ near the football pitch. This must be a mistake because the properties either side are addressed Cresswell Old Lane.  

I’ll speak to the relevant member of staff and then get the Creswell Old Road sign removed.”

So… if you’d like to take one last look at the sign (which is sited where the road meets the main Draycott to Tean road), you’d better rush!

Even better – do you have a long memory, and can explain how this mistake ever came about?

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2 responses to “The unsolved mystery of Cresswell Old Road…

  1. Cresswell ... Lane

    I’ve got an old map of Draycott showing the new Cresswell Lane as LANE.
    So the old Cresswell Lane would have been called Lane then.

    Possibly the new Cresswell Lane* (from St Margaret’s Church to the Izaak Walton) was put in to take heavy transport to Blythe Colour Works, Cresswell Railway Station, and the British Rail Shunting Yard.



  2. Cresswell Old Lane victory

    Hooray, a victory for the Laneites! How do we tell Google Maps?
    Fr David


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