Election: the candidates speak

With the Draycott Parish Council election coming up this Thursday (20th), we thought it was time to find out something about the candidates.  We hand-delivered letters to both of them at their homes, asking them to tell us something about themselves and to let us have a photo.
(This sort of exercise is carried out frequently on village websites like ours.)

We asked each candidate five questions.    Below are their answers…

Candidates’ answers

What have been your main jobs during your life?
Roger Tabbernor :   I have lived and worked most of my adult life for Severn Trent Water Authority as an electrician, working predominantly on the pumping stations supplying domestic and commercial premises with their water supply.
I retired 16 years ago and have since enjoyed time with my family and in the garden.

Shelagh Wood:  Main working career has been in Administration.  My job before I retired was that of Administrator with a Housing Association in Wales, working in the Care & Support section, which covered dealing with young & single homeless people to care homes for the elderly.  I also attended classes to learn Welsh for two years.

In what ways do you feel you have contributed to the life of Draycott-in-the Moors during your life?
Roger Tabbernor :  Having lived in this area all my life I have built strong relationships with a large proportion of the community and have assisted community members on many occasions when required.
I have always been involved in the Draycott summer fair in some capacity or other.

Shelagh Wood:  Though a relative newcomer to the area, I have been involved with the VVSM community-action group from its beginning, when we were fighting the plans for proposed power station.       I help out in general on VVSM – i.e. from raising people’s awareness of any proposed building applications to working on the re-vamp of the telephone kiosk as the Cresswell Information Centre.
I also am a member of the Speedwatch team operating in Cresswell.

Do you feel that there are special skills or special knowledge you can bring to the role of being a parish councillor in this area?
Roger Tabbernor:   What I would bring to the role of Parish Councillor is representation of the people of the parish to the council.  I have good listening and communication skills and wish to convey the views, requirements and opinions of local residents with a view to resolving issues and sharing opinion.

Shelagh Wood:  In the past I have been a Brown Owl; and also helped out with minute-taking at a Scout Group.

Shelagh Wood

Shelagh Wood

Why do you think you would make a good councillor for this parish?
Roger Tabbernor:   Having been born and bred in the area I have seen the parish grow from a quiet, small rural village with very little traffic and a quiet pace of life to what we see today, which is still within a rural location but with a much faster pace of life.
I fully appreciate the need for progress but I am also keen to maintain the rural, community atmosphere I have always experienced living in the area.

Shelagh Wood:  I would like to think that perhaps I can bring some of my past experience to help the Parish with community issues, and with fund raising for projects.

Roger Tabbernor

Roger Tabbernor

Is there any thing else you would like to add?
Roger Tabbernor:  Should I be elected my aim is to represent the whole of the parish and encourage residents to become more involved in community events and express their opinions to the council either personally or through myself.

Shelagh Wood:   One of my aims, if I were elected, would be getting as many people as is possible to contribute more in attending Parish Council meetings.   It is in people’s interest to attend as and when they can, so that they know what is happening in the local area.
– – –
The parish council election is on Thursday June 20th.  For more details and to find out about your voting station, please click here

One response to “Election: the candidates speak

  1. No need for 'yes' person

    I have only known Shelagh for a very short time but I found her to be a great stalwart for the community – fighting on all sides not purely for Cresswell – I do believe that she has commitment to the entire parish.
    I think she would bring a breath of fresh air and new beginnings to the entire community.
    Ken Shelley was a real stalwart – we do not need to have a “yes” person on the committee – we need strength



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