Draycott Parish 2013 by-election winner

And the winner is…

Congratulations to both candidates in the parish council by-election, in which the counting has now finished.
Not only did both candidates make sure that they or their supporters put out leaflets (and posted them through people’s doors) and manifestoes, they also managed to attract quite a big turn-out.

However, there could only be one winner, and our particular congratulations go to Roger Tabbernor.

Roger Tabbernor

Roger Tabbernor

Roger polled 117 votes to Shelagh Wood’s 75, which means that it was a good contest.  Let’s hope that Roger now fulfils his supporters’ hopes, and brings a new spring into the step of the parish council.


The percentage turn-out has yet to be announced, but with nearly two hundred votes cast, that looks to be just under 25%, which, when you think about it, is quite impressive by today’s standards of low turn-outs, especially for a ‘mid-term’ election.

The turn-out must be a credit to the candidates and their supporters, who must have worked hard.  So, well done to them on that side too.
It’s a good day for democracy when this level of interest can be shown in what is a relatively small contest.

It is surely disappointing when no-one comes forward to want to be on the parish council.
At the last general election in 2011, there was no election, because no-one other than the sitting councillors put themselves up.
So – it was good to see (in our opinion) that, this year, there were new people willing & keen to want to take part in local parish matters.

Of course, it’s never over in politics, and we look forward to the next election for Draycott in the Moors Parish Council, which will be in 2015.  All seven seats will be up for election then, so, judging by this result, it should be an exciting time!

9 responses to “Draycott Parish 2013 by-election winner

  1. Thanks - from Shelagh

    Congratulations Roger on becoming an elected member of the Parish Council.
    Also may I thank everyone that voted; and a big thank you to the people who voted for me.
    Shelagh Wood


  2. Thanks - from Roger Tabbernor

    A Message of thanks from Roger Tabbernor.

    I would like to thank the residents of the Draycott Parish for the opportunity to represent them on the Parish Council. I appreciate the fact that a significant proportion of the community came out to cast their vote and I feel honoured to have been elected.

    In response to the comments regarding a manifesto, I did not feel the need to publish what my views and intentions were, as I believe I clearly stated in this newsletter prior to the election:
    “Should I be elected my aim is to represent the whole of the parish and encourage residents to become more involved in community events and express their opinions to the council either personally or through myself.”

    I naturally have views and opinions as to what would benefit the parish, but as your elected councillor I see the role as that of a representative of all of the residents of the parish.

    That being said I would be pleased to receive the views, ideas and concerns of the community.

    I am keen to discuss in person or through written communication all subjects you may wish to raise.

    Roger Tabbernor
    84 Uttoxeter Road. Draycott-in-the-Moors. ST11 9AB.


  3. Congratulations, Dad!

    Congratulations dad on winning the election! xxx
    all our love – rich, donna & liam xxx


  4. Shelagh’s manifesto stated that she and Roger Leach are willing to help to set up a community speed watch group in Draycott and I am also willing to help. Shelagh is still willing to do that despite losing the election. Hope some volunteers come forward as Draycott has had problems in the past.

    She won’t want people to think that it was just a promise that she wasn’t going to keep, that’s the sort of person she is :0)
    She is part of VVSM; and the group enjoys getting things done and helping the community, as they have helped us.



  5. "a canny campaigner"

    Clearly our new councillor is a canny campaigner with a subtle approach, which many senior politicians may do well to emulate.
    Say nothing then promise nothing.
    Of what will we complain if he carries on in this fashion and succeeds in doing nothing?

    fred stynes


    • I thought the purpose of being a Parish Councillor was to help the community?

      So, it is so sad that this comment has been made. I think Roger Tabbernor will do things, as he came to the kiosk opening in Cresswell, when VVSM were really pleased to see him and some of the Parish Council supporting our efforts.



  6. Remember the church

    Congratulations Roger.
    Remember: St Margaret`s Church needs more of its people`s support; St Margarets is a sad unloved Place today. It needs some Godloving people urgently.
    God Bless and be with you always

    S Forrester


    • A civil parish

      Many people confuse Parish Councils as being part of the church. They are in fact administrative and civil parishes, in contrast to an ecclesiastical parish.
      St Mary’s Catholic church is also part of our civil parish.

      Roger Leach


  7. No manifesto from Roger

    I was rather surprised by this report because all I got was a picture, and no manifesto for Roger.
    For those of us who missed out can you possibly post something from him about what he intends to do as a Parish Councilor?
    Many thanks,
    Fr David Hartley


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