News of: smash-up / tennis tots / roads-work / summer fun

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-June 2013

We have news of:  a smashed telephone kiosk; a community tidy-up;  big events coming up soon; Jacque Rabbit’s music; a Wimbledon celebration; roads re-surfacing.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
An ex-telephone kiosk

It looks like the telephone kiosk near to Stuart Avenue is going to be out of use for a while.
Residents woke up on Saturday morning to discover that someone had had quite an argument with it during the early hours, with its door smashed off and the stanchion completely bent.  Broken glass lay all around.

Smashed telephone kiosk near Stuart Avenue

Telephone kiosk is very much the worse for wear

It’s still not clear what happened, though it doesn’t take a genius to guess that a driver may have lost control of a car and mounted the pavement.

Thanks to SW for sending us a photo…

– – –

Fun summer events

Just a reminder that there are some terrific events coming up over the next six weeks.

The cricket club has done us proud especially – by organising their annual music festival weekend again, an Elvis Experience event and a Robbie Williams Tribute night, and more.
Also, in the villages next to us, there are more fun summer events, including church-fetes, pen gardens and so on.
In Milwich, just a few miles away, the very active Women’s Institute is even asking potential new members to ‘Have A Go!’ – sounds intriguing…
You’ll find the details of all these on our What’s On pages.

Parents of sporting youngsters will also be pleased to know that Leek Town FC are also puttign on soccer sessions across the summer in Blythe Bridge.

But the big event we are all looking forward to is the Draycott Summer Fayre on the weekend of 13th/14th July.
Don’t forget that there is a family disco on the Saturday night when the featured band is Jacque Rabbit (which stars local boy Richard Ward on bass) – not to be missed.

Jacque Rabbit

Jacque Rabbit

For details of how to get tickets, and more – click here.


Meanwhile, to celebrate Wimbledon, there will be a Fun Tennis Doubles tournament at Draycott Sports Centre this Sunday (30th June) starting at 12.30pm.  Just turn up, and a partner will be assigned to you.
Strawberries & cream will be on sale!

There is no tournament as such for the tiny ones (though they might enjoy the strawberries…), but the centre is now offering what they call ‘Tots Tennis’ sessions twice a week.
If one of your little ones shows a liking for tennis, why not take them along?

– – –
Roads are getting better

Strangely enough, despite the crash involving the telephone kiosk, the thoroughfares of Draycott seem to have been especially favoured recently.
Huge wagons have been out re-surfacing many of the roads, including much of the length of Cheadle Road and Cresswell Old Lane.

Re-surfacing on Cheadle Road

Re-surfacing on Cheadle Road

What have we done to deserve such favour?  Well, whatever it was, it was a welcome sight – despite the hold-ups -, as many of the remaining potholes have now been filled in.


We also want to congratulate the members of the VVSM community- action group, who got tired of waiting for the authorities to come along and tidy up the pavements – and so just did it themselves!
They have tidied back the encroaching growth on the footways near Cresswell bus-shelter and at the top of the hill near the cricket club.  See their story.

Good for them.  We don’t always have to wait for someone else to do the things we think should be done. Sometimes we just need to get out and do it for ourselves…

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