News of: farm sale / Park on hold / low ratings / bad weed

We have news of:  a farm house for sale; Blythe Park disappointment – and joy; Mango Tree’s low rating; and a dreaded weed.
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News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early-July 2013

– – –
Country property for sale

It seems like suddenly there are a few For Sale signs going up in the area.
Many of the places now on the market are very fine houses, which we hope will get sympathetic buyers.

One outstanding property is Leese Houses Farm, which is at the southern end of Cresswell.  Parts of it date back to the seventeenth century, and it has beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, as well as being in its own grounds.

Leese Houses Farm

Leese Houses Farm – for sale

In many ways it seems cheap at just over £400,000…    You’ll find full details on the Heywoods Property pages.

We wish the present owners the best of luck.

– – –
Blythe Park stays as it is

From Leese Houses Farm, you can just see a section of the Blythe Business Base Park down below it in the valley.
Well, now, some really important news has come through about Staffordshire Moorlands Council’s proposals to support more expansion at the industrial park.

The short version of the news is – they’ve now, erm, dropped their support for it.
It’s because of the fact that when the Planning Inspectorate recently reviewed the council’s development strategy for this area, it wasn’t very impressed and slated SMDC for the lack of detail.

The Inspector may also have been impressed by the evidence of Shelagh Wood, chairman of Draycott’s VVSM, who went down to the hearings (earlier this year) specifically to criticise the proposals for expansion.

So… Staffordshire Moorlands Council announced last week that an expansion plan for the park will no longer feature in its ‘Core Strategy’.
VVSM – and other residents who opposed the expansion of Blythe Park – are now celebrating!

See:  Main Modifications to the SMDC Core Strategy (June 2013)

– – –
Mango Tree one-star

One business that is far from happy at the moment is The Mango Tree restaurant, which you’ll find at the western end of the Uttoxeter Road.
It recently received a poor one-star rating from food hygiene officers, who inspected it in May.  This means the restaurant must carry out major improvements if it wants to get its top-star rating back.

The rating is by no means an overall standards-check – the restaurant is fine to continue to serve customers – but it is meant as a hefty ‘prod’ in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the mobile food stand on the Blythe Business Park – Little House Cateringreceived a five out of five rating.   Well done, Ian!

– – –
Pull up that balsam!

If you enjoy the countryside, you may well have noticed that this year’s dreaded weed that is spreading everywhere is… Himalayan Balsam.

English: Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulif...

Himalayan Balsam (Pic: Wikipedia)

The lavender-coloured flowers look attractive, but the plant spreads aggressively; and conservation groups are urging people to pull it up whenever they see it.

The local Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership is also calling on all of us to sign up to their efforts to rid the landscape of this pest, either as individuals or as groups. You will have to start weeding it quickly though, as it is now very near the season where the seed pods will have developed and will be ready to burst…

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One response to “News of: farm sale / Park on hold / low ratings / bad weed

  1. Good news over Blythe Park

    Good news for those who live near to Blythe Park……well done Shelagh thanks for attending those important meetings. Cresswell is not even a village it’s a hamlet – and the Inspector disagreed with the SMDC stance on this matter.
    Keep up the good work Shelagh.

    Bazo Phillips


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