Draycott Fayre 2013 – report & photos

Well !  What a day…!
Sunday 14th July 2013 will be remembered as the day the Children of Draycott defeated The Vikings in battle, records were set for fund-raising (and hot temperatures!), some three hundred vintage vehicles filled the ground, around two thousand people attended – and the bar ran dry!

Draycott-in-the-Moors’ Summer Fayre & Vintage Rally 2013 was, by any standards, a terrific success – and well done to all the volunteers (under the expert leadership of John Clarke) who really were the ones who made it happen.

Carnage & pillage

The highlight of the day was the appearance of the Y Ddraig Viking re-enactment group.  They were brilliant.
Right through from setting up a realistic-looking camp, complete with cooking pots bubbling up a ancient vegetable stew, to displaying a brutal form of early hockey played 1200 years ago, and a display of ancient weaponry, they really played their part.

However, their Viking warriors made one terrible mistake – by challenging the children of Draycott to an open battle.  There could only ever be one winner in such a contest.

Viking versus Children battle

Draycott children charge the ranks of the Vikings…

The children suffered no casualties whatsoever… and only one Viking got away.

Photos gallery

An album of lots of photos of the day can be found by clicking here.
When you go to the link, just click the play button to start the slideshow; then we suggest you set the speed at ‘slow’, and don’t forget to click the ‘Show Info’ button to see the captions.  Have fun with the memories.

And, if you too have photos that you took on the day, we’d love to see them, and to then put them up on the gallery too.  Just email us with any photos you can share.

Local roots

Local organisations however were the backbone of the day.  The Draycott Sports Centre gets an honourable mention for setting up two temporary tennis ‘courts’ which were never empty all day, as youngsters queued up to have a go.
The district Girl Guide group helped the MC for the day, John Beardmore, to organise the games; and numerous groups, including the Draycott Women’s Institute, staff from Draycott Moor College, and members of St Margaret’s Church worked furiously on their different stalls to raise money for the day’s good cause.
A special mention must go to John Beardmore, who provided his usual funny and warm commentary.  He had not been so well recently, but we think he definitely perked up for this event…

We honestly thought, as we walked round, that the best thing about the fayre was that there was always something to do.  (After all, sometimes, one can go to a fair and you’ve done the lot in fifteen minutes … whereas, here, there was always something going on.)

Admittedly, having around three hundred vintage motor-cars, buses, tractors, wagons, motorbikes and traction engines on the site – all carefully looked after by their owners – was bound to keep most of us quite busy.
And for the kids, there was always the funfair and the magic shows…

A minor disappointment was that the promised Dakota plane fly-past didn’t happen.  Apparently, the plane had encountered a problem in an earlier display, and had had to cancel.
However, the Innringers handbells group performed twice, making subtle and fascinating music.

For a fuller list of who were the main draws, check our Fayre schedule page.

St Margaret’s

To give the event its full title, it should be known as St Margaret’s Draycott Summer Fayre, as the day is specifically to raise money to pay for the maintenance of the village’s parish church – which is almost 800 years old.
The event is also so named because it falls very close to St Margaret’s Day.

So therefore … the bottom line is: did the event raise a significant amount of money?

Well, the full accounts are not yet in of course, but with around a thousand people paying at the gates and probably another thousand (volunteers, participants etc) on the ground, that means the main stalls and the raffle-tickets salespeople (well done to them too!) must have done great business.
Organiser Daniel Newton, who was in charge of the bar, also saw his stock run completely dry (well…except for wine-spritzers, and we don’t count those) – which can’t be bad!


The Draycott Fayre 2013 was the twentieth of the modern era. The first, we are told raised just over £200 (!), while this one has surely exceeded not just that sum but also last year’s profit of £6000.
Let’s hope so – for the old church’s sake.

– – – –
Summer Fayre Raffle Results
Ist Prize (Helicopter Ride for 2) – Susan Hughes (ticket no 655) #  2nd Prize (Four tickets to Alton Towers) – Jenni Wooliscroft (754) # 3rd Prize (£40 Voucher to David’s Restaurant, Trentham) – Peter Smeed (317)
Other winners:  Julie Ingle (1732), a £25 Fuel voucher / Jane Meller, a Mount Nurseries voucher / M Cheadle (131), a Planter from Draycott Nurseries / Mrs Seymour (1456), a Shoetime voucher / Mavis Bullock (17), a Stoddard’s Travel voucher / Beryl Carp (1583), a Queens Arms at Freehay voucher / Olive Davis (217), a Draycott Arms voucher / Mrs Dyke (187), a Ford’s Of Blythe Bridge voucher / George Marsh (995), a Tesco voucher / Jack Cartlidge (1555), a gym-pass for 2 / Mrs Elks (247), a gym-pass for 2 / Margaret Plant (1049), a gym-pass for 2 / Steven Bedson (1625), a personal training session / Alistair Barton (760), a circuit-training pass for 2 / Diane Winfield (782), a circuit-training pass for 2 / P Beardmore (1445), a tennis lesson.

And if you have a comment to make about the day – do add it, in the little coment box just below

4 responses to “Draycott Fayre 2013 – report & photos

  1. Please give a whoop of encouragement for Jacque Rabbit, the band that entertained us at the pre-Fayre family disco. They are seriously good: “Smoke on the water a fire in the sky”!!!


  2. Could I thank all the people of Draycott and the surrounding areas for turning up in absolute droves and making all the work in preparation that is necessary for this kind of event, worthwhile.
    We the organisers work all to the same philosophy, if the good people of the area turn up they are entitled to expect to be well entertained. If they are entertained they will go away happy and reward us with their hard earned contributions. In the end we hope that St Margaret’s Church benefits from our hard work.
    Finally can I give a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped to make the weekend a success, roll on 2014!



  3. Winning programme?

    What was the number of the winning programme?


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