Heat warning…

It’s hot.  very hot.
And now the Met Office has issued a Level Three heat-warning for this area for both today (Thursday 18th) and tomorrow.   See Heat Health-Watch alert.
This means, basically, that the heatwave is now official in this part of the world.

Temperatures will be in the mid 20s Celsius – up to 90F in the old reckoning.  So… it’s on with the sun-cream, and even better, protective hats.

Horse in sun protection coat

One hot horse…

And it’s not just the humans that feel it.  We spotted this horse today near the footpath up near Marsh House (in the Stonehouses area, near the A50 roundabout) – and wondered why it was all covered up, on the hottest day of the year.
The answer is that:  it is wearing a ‘fly-sheet’, which gives protection against the biting flies which are around at the moment.  These flies can be vicious, especially for horses of just one coulour.  (It seems that flies are confused when they are confronted by the different shades of a multi-coloured horse).
But also, the sheet – which is very light – provides some protection against the sun.

So… be warned!

One response to “Heat warning…

  1. Billy the horse

    The horse you have a photo of is called Billy. He is a trained dressage horse and has won competitions for this event. He was was featured in Sentinelle 3 years ago after winning the Regional dressage event.


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