NEWS: Cloggerfest / new path / Potter – gone / YFC recruits / IT courses

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early-September 2013

We have news of:  Cloggerfest success; new footpath to railway track; Draycott Potter – gone; young famers recruiting; local IT courses starting.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Footpath ‘loan’

Our article on local footpaths in the district raised a few reactions.  We particularly liked JC’s letter, in which he says all of us must try to use these footpaths more; it’s a case, he says, of ‘use them or lose them!’

What is terrific to hear is that Cliff Shelley, of the well-known local farming family, has come out and said that he doesn’t mind a little bit of his land being used temporarily as a path, to connect the old railway track to Cresswell old Lane, while the county council try to sort somethign better out.

As you may know, although there is now unofficial permission for walkers to use the old railway track, there is no proper entry to the track at its Cresswell end.
However Cliff says what he will allow is that walkers can go through the gate opposite the old football ground on Cresswell Old Lane, follow the field-hedge to its end, and then take the access to the railway track – from where you can walk the three-mile stretch of track right the way up to Cheadle.
Of course, this is only a temporary permission; and if the route is misused, Cliff can withdraw his offer… so let’s hope his faith in all of us is justified!

– – – –
Draycott Potter… going… gone

Talking of the old football ground in Cresswell Old Lane, the changing rooms there are now all but demolished, and virtually all signs that Draycott Potter FC had twenty eventful seasons there are gone.  (The farmer who owned the land needed it back, so the football club had to leave during the summer).

Draycott Potter FC's demolished  changing rooms

Draycott Potter FC’s old changing rooms – now just bits of firewood

The Draycott team now plays on Blythe Bridge Recreation ground, for want of a better pitch, while Tean Albion, who shared the pitch with them, have now moved over to Teanford.  Both teams play in the Uttoxeter Sunday League Division One.

Which means that … the only regular football to watch nowadays in Draycott is on the college’s playing field in Draycott Old Road, where – ironically – teams from Fulford play!
It’s a bit mixed up.

– – – –
Cloggerfest success

Congratulations to all behind the Cresswell Beer & Folk Free Festival (aka ‘CloggerFest’) which has just been held at Blythe Cricket Club.

Cloggerfest logo

The spirit of Cloggerfest!

We estimate that some two to three hundred people came along on Saturday night; and the money they passed over the bar will help to help this community club afloat.

Incidentally, the real ales were great – we liked the ‘chestnut’ Castle Rock beer very much – and the bands too were in fine form on what was a nicely mild evening.
‘Sons Of Clogger’ headlined, but Clair Brennan and Pickering White, of the other acts we saw, were pretty special too.

Pickering White

Pickering White played with enthusiasm and verve

And special congratulations to Angie Heathcote, the club’s events secretary, who somehow managed to acquire a very professional looking mobile stage for the night – with stunning sound system.  It’s the first time this annual festival has had a proper stage.
And thanks too to Dave Owen (‘Sons of Clogger’ frontman), who organised all aspects of the music – including the bands, the running order, the sound and stage lighting.  Clogger-tastic!

Cloggerfest is not quite Glastonbury (yet) but it’s looking pretty good, and there are plans for next year’s festival already on the drawing board.

– – – –
Lots to do

If you’re interested in the local countryside and/or agriculture, and you’re under 35, you might be interested in joining the Young Farmers club.

Amy Nicholls, the secretary of Stone YFC, has told us that Cheadle YFC is now defunct; but that people from Draycott, who might have been members of the Cheadle group, are more than welcome in the Stone group.

Anyone who wants to find out more about the group might want to head along to its New Members Night – which takes place on Tuesday 17 September at The Boar in Moddershall.

….and, finally, community centres and colleges in the district will soon be publishing their adult education and evening courses for the forthcoming year – but Blythe Bridge Library has beaten them to the punch.
It’s already announced two IT courses for the autumn – ‘iPad & Tablets For Beginners’ on Tuesday afternoons, and ‘Online For Beginners’ on Tuesday mornings, both starting in mid-September and running for six weeks.
Phone 01782 296400 for details.

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