NEWS: helicopter ride / bus changes / cook needed / sad Izaak

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-September 2013
We have news of:  raffle winners take to the skies; all change on the buses; Draycott College needs a cook; Izaak Walton looking shabby; and the Moorlands Parish Assembly.

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– – – –
Up up and away

Sometimes when you win a raffle prize, you’re not sure if you really want to accept it…
Susan Hughes must have wondered that when she won first prize in the Draycott Fayre raffle – it was a ride in a helicopter!

Raffle prize winners in helicopter

All smiles – it’s quite an adventure…

However, the prize was taken up after all, and Jarrod Ford from Staffordshire Helicopters gave Susan and her husband Mark a safe tour around Staffordshire’s skies.

– – – –
Bus service reduction

Meanwhile, back on the ground, as we feared, the new timetable for the X50 bus, that did used to come through Draycott every hour, does indeed now show a reduction in service.  It is now only every two hours, though it does run Saturdays too.

An hourly service – to either Hanley or Uttoxeter – was perhaps a bit of a luxury for a small place like Draycott, but it was very useful…

There is more than the X50 of course.
Two other routes serve Draycott, and you can easily find their timetables by going to   There, select the ‘Timetables’ tab; put ‘ST11 9AA’ in the ‘From’ field; tick the ‘All’ category; and click ‘Search’.  You’ll then see the timetables for the 249 (which goes through Cresswell too), and the 6A, 6B & 6c though you will have to walk up to Bill’s Garage in Blythe Bridge for them.
The 184 seems no longer to run; and the old 7 service is now gone (replaced by the X51) – the number is being used by a quite different run altogether.

Let’s hope we don’t lose any more services.

– – – –
Sad Izaak

We passed the Izaak Walton pub the other day, and it does seem in a sorry state.
It’s been closed for some nine months now, and although a caretaker is clearly keeping an eye on the place, it is starting to look shabby.

Izaak Walton pub beer garden

The Izaak Walton beer garden as it is these days

The beer garden is badly overgrown, and the car-park wall is crumbling.

Rubbish in Izaak Walton pub car park

Rubbish pile in the Izaak Walton pub car park

In the car-park itself, someone has clearly been gathering for various get-togethers, and just chucked their rubbish.
However, it’s good to hear that the local community action group VVSM did also think the place was getting to be an eyesore, and they have been making attempts to keep it tidy.

The parish council did enquire of the estate agents who are putting the Izaak up for let what exactly the future is for the pub, but just got the usual answer: the owners are still looking for a suitable tenant.
If you’re interested in taking on the Izaak, here are the details of the let.

– – – –
Cook needed

Schools are all back now, and it’s interesting to see that Draycott Moor College is advertising for a school cook.
The job is only twenty hours a week, and only requires twenty meals a day to be prepared, so it would suit a part-timer.

If you want to know more, contact headteacher Roger Flint on 01782 399849.

– – – –
Stepping issues up a level

By the way, the Moorlands Parish Assembly takes place next on Thursday 19th September.  This get-together is when all parish councils in the district come together to discuss issues of mutual interest.

If you think something local should go to district level, you can let our Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish parish councillors know if you go along to the next parish council meeting, which is on Monday 16th – just three days before the district assembly.  they may take your concerns on to the big meeting.

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