NEWS: wind turbine / funeral / bowls club / charity lunch

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early October 2013
We have news of:  new application for wind turbine; Dave Morse’s funeral next week; bowls club season summary; charity lunch this weekend .

(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Turbine decision?

Nearly a year ago, we discussed on this website the planning application for the erection of a wind turbine in the very south of Draycott’s area at New Buildings Farm. (See our Wind Turbine post, Nov 2012).

Planners rejected that proposal despite the fact that the projected turbine was quite small and relatively far from any other buildings on a ridge looking down on to Bromley Wood.  (See:  Google map).
It was rejected then because the environmental surveys were not deemed thorough enough – but now it has been re-submitted with extra environmental details.
See: new application for Cresswell wind turbine.

Our guess is that the many people concerned about climate change will welcome the addition of a small wind turbine; while others will worry about the effect on the landscape views.
Turbines certainly does divide opinions!  A slightly similar application in Stone caused a lively debate (see the comments section on the Little Bit Of Stone wind turbine page).

Proposed turbine at New Buildings Farm

Artist’s impression of how the proposed turbine  will look

If you fancy putting yout twopenny-worth in, comments are welcomed by the Parish Council, and the Moorlands District Council (see the Comments section of the planning application).
Or – you can comment too to the local VVSM residents’ group.  VVSM, which recently decided to change its name to the VVSM Cresswell Community Group, takes an active interest in planning developments in the village.

– – – –

Many people have asked if we would publish the time & place of the funeral of Dave Morse.
Dave, who lived in Rookery Crescent in Cresswell, died peacefully last week at the Douglas McMillan Hospice in Barlaston.
He was well-liked by many of us; and you may also know him from a few years ago, when Reg and Mary ran the place, down at the Izaak Walton pub as a keen-eyed darts player.

His funeral service takes place at St Margaret’s Church  on Monday 12th October at 2.30pm, and he will be buried after in the churchyard.
His wife Pat has asked for no flowers, but donations to the Dougie Mac Home instead.

The DMH seems to be one of Draycott’s favourite charities, so you may also want to donate regularly to it by contributing to the DMH Lottery.

– – – –
Mixed season in bowls

It’s been a funny old season for our local bowls club.  ‘Checkley Club’, which plays on the green in Cresswell (at the business park) has been beset this summer by injuries and illnesses – and has not been able to put out its best teams.
The A team in fact was relegated (and so goes back to Division 2, Uttoxeter League), but at least the B team had success, gaining promotion.

Checkley Bowls Club

Members of the bowls club on the Cresswell green

There was an interesting and successful experiment this year with the C team, which was run as an ‘open-access’ side giving all members a chance to play.  (There are also two ‘veterans’ sides so that older members can stay in the swim of things).
So – a mixed bag of a season!

Next for the members, the annual presentations lunch takes place at the Dog & Partridge in Tean on 7th November; with the end-of-season meeting taking place at Checkley Community Centre on 27th October.

The club continues to look for players, so why not contact Sue Stepek, the secretary?  There is nothing nicer than a summer’s afternoon on the green in Cresswell – and you might enjoy yourself!

– – – –
Eat… for charity

By the way, you could do nothing better this weekend than go along to  St Margaret’s Church for their annual Lobby Lunch.  You don’t have to be a member of the church to take a seat; and it’s all for charity.  Well worth while – and you will get to meet your neighbours.
We’re told that, as a bonus, there will be some “surprise entertainment” too!

It takes place on Saturday (12th) – full details on our what’s-on page.

If you want us to publish any notifications of births, deaths or marriages, please let us know.
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