NEWS: police visit; applications; pubs; footpaths

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-October 2013
We have news of:  police come to visit us; new licensing and turbine applications; some happy pubs; a blocked footpath stile; a missing telephone box

(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Come & see the police

If you’re interested in how policing works in Draycott & Cresswell, you’ll want to attend the Draycott Parish Council meeting on Monday (21st October).   PC Adam Charlesworth, our local bobby, and PC Alexander Gould will be there to outline their policy and to answer questions.
Draycott is part of the ‘Forsbrook & Caverswall’ policing area.

As usual when there is a special guest, the council meeting starts half-an-hour earlier than usual; thus things with the two constables get underway at 7pm.

Incidentally, the year-accounts for 2012-13 for the parish council are now published; and you can see them on the three notice boards across the village.
As usual, almost half of the council’s expenses go out in staff costs; this is one of the downsides of being such a small parish.

– – – –
Stile blocked

The weather – apart from the torrential showers! – has been relatively mild of late, so we’ve been walking the local paths.  If you remember, there was an article about local footpaths on this site a few weeks ago.

Footpath fingerpost at Cresswell

Undergrowth is nearly choking this stile in Cresswell

It’s a shame to see that one stile at least is completely overgrown – the one opposite the entrance to the cricket club in Cresswell.  We’ve now reported this to the Parish Council, who’ve been doing some good work recently on keeping paths maintained.

Oddly, the footpath fingerpost that used to stand outside the cricket club entrance seems to have been removed.  Or are we just imagining that there used to be one there?

– – – –
Phone-box – gone forever?

Another missing item is the telephone box at the end of New Avenue.  It was virtually demolished after something collided into it in June.

Phonebox spot

Where once was a phone-box…

BT must have decided that it wasn’t worth saving, and now all that’s left on the spot is the disturbed earth from which it was removed.

Will it ever be restored?   Seems unlikely.  After all, the other two telephone boxes in our area – the one opposite The Draycott Arms and the one in the Cresswell lay-by – have now both been de-commissioned.

– – – –
Sports Centre to be more social

Some more applications for the Parish Council to consider have come up.

The Draycott Sports Centre is really taking seriously its promise to try to become a centre of local entertainment.   It has applied under the Licensing Act to extend its hours – to start from 9am on weekends (mostly for all-day sporting tournaments), and to midnight for functions.
To see the full details of the sports centre’s applications, click here.

And a totally new planning application for a wind turbine on a Draycott farm has come up.  In addition to the one for New Buildings Farm, this new one is for Fields Farm in Brookhouses.  It’s slightly larger than the one requested by New Buildings Farm, but it is still in the ‘small’ category.  To see full details, click here.

Before they make their recommendations about such applications (which are then passed on to the district council) the Parish Council like to hear from interested members of the public.
So,  if you have thoughts – for or against these applications, or just a query -, either attend the parish council meetings and speak during the public-participation slot, or write to the council.  They say they want to hear from you!

– – – –
Pubs – some happy, some sad

Nice to see that a pub within walking distance of Draycott is re-opening.  The Butchers’ Arms at Forsbrook, which was in ‘downgraded’ state for a long time, has had a re-furb and re-opens on the 23rd of this month.  From the early photos that we’ve seen, it looks as though it could work.

Another pub on the edge of Draycott, the Red Lion at Boundary, reports to us that it has already sold out its Christmas Day lunch bookings. Hmm.  You have to be quick these days!

Meanwhile, our poor old Izaak Walton, closed since January, remains in a very sorry state. We see that some mattresses have been dumped in the car-park.  What an indignity.

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2 responses to “NEWS: police visit; applications; pubs; footpaths

  1. Brookside footpath

    The footpath between Brookside and Cheadle Road is also badly overgrown. The one that passes alongside Lilac Cottage.

    footpath user


  2. Missing fingerpost

    It is a legal responsibility (on the County Council) that there is a finger post wherever a footpath leaves a metalled highway.


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