Decorate a Christmas tree!

Now that the firework parties are out of the way, we can all concentrate on Christmas… and there is to be a special ‘Decorated Christmas Tree Festival’ in Draycott this December.

What’s more – you are being asked to take part!

Queen's Christmas tree at Windsor Castle 1848,...

Even Queen Victoria liked to dress a tree at Xmas

The idea is that individuals, families, community groups, schools, businesses – or whatever other grouping you can think of – get themselves a Christmas tree, decorate it, and take it along to the festival, where all the entries will be on show for a week.

This is both a fun activity, and one where the community can come together to remember a great time of year.
Members of the public who visit the display will be asked to vote for their favourite tree, and the one with the most votes will get a trophy…

The people at St Margaret’s Church are organising the festival, and the venue for the exhibition will be the inside of the lovely old church itself.  The church will be open for the week to allow people to wander in and see the dressed-up trees.

Okay… now it’s over to you.

Christmas tree

You don’t need lights on your tree

How it’s to be done…

Here are the conditions:
*Only artificial trees, please.
*Lights on the tree are permitted, but only battery-powered – there will be no mains connections.   However, as this is a ‘traditional-dressing’ festival, lights are not that necessary either.
*The tree should be no higher than four feet.
*Anyone, or any organisation, can enter a tree. Don’t forget to put a label on the tree to say who designed it.
*There is no fee to enter a tree

The trees should be delivered to St Margaret’s before the start of the festival.  For details, email Pauline

The festival will be open to the public for a week.  Refreshments will be available

If you have any queries, email Pauline.

Good luck – and have fun!!

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