NEWS: Speed limits / pre-Xmas events / memories / baby-graves

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-November 2013
We have news of:  speeding issues again and ideas for improvement; pre-Xmas events; project recording local memories; a new memorial for infants who died very young.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Stocking – and stomach – fillers

Yes, everybody seems to be gearing up for Christmas!   Here are just a few things for your diary…

Some toddlers round here attend Great Wood Primary, where the PTFA are organising a Christmas Shopping Trip to Chester on Sunday Dec 1st, for just £10.  If you want to book a ticket, contact the school office – 01538 722370.

Meanwhile Draycott Sports Centre is putting together a Table-Top Fayre at the club on Saturday 7th December for £5 a table.   So far, concerns selling beauty products, candles, jewellery etc have all booked tables.  If you want a table, contact Jo

Nearby Milwich village have their Christmas Fayre at the end of this month.  See our What’s On page for details.

As for parties and the like, many are selling out already.  The Draycott Sports Centre New Years Eve Party is already doing good business we are told, while the Draycott Arms has just announced its Christmas menu and is taking bookings now.
Other pubs in the locality are also gearing up similarly.

Incidentally – congratulations to Conor and Kieran Devine, the landlords at The Huntsman in Huntley.  The pub recently picked up the Staffordshire Moorlands Pub of The Year award.  It’s richly deserved.

– – – –

One subject that comes up again and again at parish council meetings is the excessive speed that some motorists do through Draycott.

40 mph sign

Yes, even the countryside stretch, between Draycott and Totmonslow, is 40mph

They seem not to realise that it is a 40mph zone all the way from the A50 dual carriageway through the village, through Totmonslow, right down to Tean; and likewise right through Cresswell.
(Strangely, Cheadle Road, which runs through Draycott Cross, is a maximum speed limit zone. Very odd.)

So, the council is still appealing for volunteers for a Speedwatch team for Draycott Level.
Some people at the last council meeting said they were fearful of joining a Speedwatch team because of the flak they might get, but the long-established Cresswell Speedwatch team say they have had very few personal issues indeed.
Contact the parish council clerk if you are thinking of volunteering.

Community speed watch sign

One of the Cresswell Speedwatch group’s distinctive signs

The good news about all this is that Mark Deaville, our county councillor, has promised there will be more speed signs in the village in the future, especially near The Draycott Arms.

– – – –
Local memories project

Here’s something you might want to consider if you are an older person, or know a relative who has a long memory.

The Fusion Arts group has just received some funding to start recording and exploring the memories of local residents. The group is based in next-door Tean village,  so it’s especially interested in memories of people from Draycott.

Can you help?  Contact Fusion Arts by emailing them or phoning them on 07504 610071.

– – – –
Remembrance for babies

Finally, a sad, but heartening, note.

In the bad old days, babies and other very young children were often buried without marked graves, in a part of the churchyard away from the rest of the burials.
It’s not often clear why this was, but it could be that such young children were probably unbaptised.

Anyway, the cemetery at St Mary Catholic Church in Cresswell certainly does have such an area, and it is great to hear that the church plans to build a simple memorial to those infants – as a focus for the continuing remembrance and prayers of their families.
The local Catholic school, Painsley College, and Nettlebank Memorials are helping to provide this.

It sounds a great idea, and one those little ones deserve.

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