NEWS: railway CCTV / college issues / pub petition / Xmas pressies

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-November 2013
We have news…:  Network Rail put CCTV in Cresswell;  incidents at Draycott Moor College;  petition to tidy up the Izaak;  Pointon brothers make Christmas presents;  Highways chief to visit Draycott.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
You are being watched

Have you seen the cables lying across Cresswell Lane?  They have only just been installed, this month, and there a pair either side of the railway level-crossing in the village.

Traffic cables in Cresswell

The cables lie about 100 yards from the crossing

Well, they are traffic monitoring cables of course; and they seem to be something to do with the CCTV camera that has been erected on the south side of the crossing.

Cresswell CCTV

The camera is lined up to focus on the crossing

However, there is no explanation as to why the set-up has been placed here.
The best guess seems to be that:  Network Rail wants to check driver behaviour and traffic density around all its ‘half-barrier’ crossings, such as the one in Cresswell.
However, don’t be surprised if prosecutions arise from this camera monitoring.  In the past, evidence from similar cameras has been used against both motorists and pedestrians who have illegally whizzed around the barriers when they are down.

(If you think no-one would be daft enough to run round a level crossing barrier – just have a look at this official video on YouTube).

– – – –
College bad news

Although there has been a huge improvement in relations between the residents of Draycott Old Road and Draycott Moor College over the last two years, it’s a shame to report that a couple of recent incidents have spoiled that calm.

In the first incident, a woman resident of the road was sworn at and abused as a child from the school was being led to a car.  Stone-throwing took place too.  The woman was extremely shook up and disturbed.
There was also another alleged incident last month.

The college cares for and educates troubled children, and children who seem unable to attend regular school.

Both the headmaster at the college, Roger Flint, and the College & Residents Liaison Committee would like to hear from anyone who has any other incidents to report.
It is even possible an open-meeting might be held if there is enough need for it.

– – – –
Tidy Our Izaak

At the other end of Draycott, another residents’ group is also worried about a local facility.

The VVSM Cresswell Community Group have been concerned over what they call the growing deterioration of the Izaak Walton Pub.
The nineteenth century inn has been closed for nearly a year, and there seems little sign that the chain that owns it wants to maintain it – at least, not the exterior.   There is fly-tipping in the car-park; broken panels have been boarded-over; and the garden walls are collapsing.


Graffiti scrawled on the wall at the Izaak

Now VVSM has started a petition which they are hoping all of Draycott will sign.     It reads:   “Please stop our local pub from running into disrepair. We want the owners to look after it because it is a key feature in the village and because the over grown hedges and the fly tipping are a health hazard

Copies of the petition can be found in the Cresswell Information Kiosk, in the Cresswell lay-by on Sandon Road. The kiosk is open 9am-4pm.

– – – –
Draycott-made Christmas presents

Now to happier matters!

If you have been wondering what to give as Christmas presents this year, look no further than the creations of the two talented Pointon brothers. Both Mathew and Rob grew up in Draycott, and are well-known here.

Matthew Pointons is both a local historian and a writer. He wrote the book on the History of Draycott – which has been selling very well ever since the Draycott Arms pub started to stock it.  In fact, it has sold so well, that they have had to request extra copies!
We also understand that the present stock of the book may well be the last  – and no-one knows if it will be re-printed – so it may be worth getting your copy now before they are gone forever.
You can buy the book, which is two hundred pages long, for just £10 at the Draycott Arms.

The other talented brother, Rob Pointon, is a painter of course. You may well have seen his pictures; even now there are exhibitions in Leek which feature his work.

Year Of The Boat calendar

The calendar is £10 a copy

Rob has now produced a 2014 Calendar with twelve reproductions of his paintings of canal-scenes. The pictures were created in a project with the Canal & River Trust.
The calendar, (which costs £10, plus any p&p) can be obtained by simply emailing Rob’s company for details.
(If you are passing Aston Marina in Stone, they are also available in the farm shop there).

– – – –
Big Date

One of the issues that constantly comes up before the parish council is the state of our local roads – from traffic numbers to potholes to speed limits, and more!

To respond to this community’s concerns, Councillor Simon Tagg – the ‘Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Support Member for Transport & Connected County’ – will be attending the Draycott Parish Council meeting in January.  Basically, he is the big chief in Staffordshire when it comes to highways.

If you have thoughts or questions about the district’s roads or traffic, you’ll want to be there.

To comment on any of the items on this page, or suggest some new ones for future posts,  just use the comments box near the bottom of this page.   (You do not have to leave your email address, which is always kept private anyway, but, if you don’t, that means you might miss any feedback).

One response to “NEWS: railway CCTV / college issues / pub petition / Xmas pressies

  1. I am a member of the Cresswell Community Speed Watch Team, and at the last meeting of the Parish Council I invited members of the said Council to come along and see exactly what we do, as it was a National Speed Watch Week. Any Council member could come along, only one member came – Mr. Roger Tabbinor – who found it very informative, not only about what we did but the amount of traffic that passed through Cresswell during that one hour.

    So sad that no one else could take the time to come along and see what good is done with the volunteers who do speed watch.

    Shelagh Wood


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