NEWS: ice-busters / missing records / dumping / A50 noise / Santa!

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early-December 2013
We have news…:  join ice-busters, and prepare for bad weather / parish council’s missing minutes / how to stop A50 noise pollution / dumping in Cresswell.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Join the I-Busters!

Recent long-term weather forecasts are prophesying some grim winter weather ahead, so it’s time to get prepared.
Already the Ice-Busters (Staffordshire) people are making appeals to local residents to stand by to act as volunteers for when the ice comes.

Ice-Busters is the name of a scheme under which parish councils and local community groups are being asked to set up teams of volunteers to get out and grit selected pavements in the event they turn slippy.
To apply to be on one of those teams, contact the Draycott Parish Council or a local community action group.
To apply so that your pavement is one of the selected ones, contact the Draycott Parish Council.  To remember how bad it was earlier this year, just look at the photo below…

new avenue under snow

Many pavements were not properly gritted, and quite a few side-roads, such as New Avenue, were not either.

The grit which is used will come from our public grit-bins; so residents in Cresswell Old Lane will be a little annoyed to hear that the county Highways officers have turned down an application by the parish council to site a grit–bin there in the lane.
The chosen site was just by the gates of St Mary Catholic Church – but the highways officers thought there was insufficient room for it there.

However, there are grit-bins in Church Lane (the road to St Margaret’s), in Stuart Avenue, and on Sandon Lane (by The Hunter Pub).
The grit in them is only for use on public highways and pathways, not private drive-ways.

– – –
Santa’s dates

Don’t forget the Draycott Christmas Fair tomorrow (Saturday 7th); and do also  remember that you only have a week in which to book for the Draycott Centre children’s party.  See details on our What’s On pages.
Santa Claus has promised to visit both events!

– – –
No to dumping

Talking of Cresswell Old Lane, the local police-alert system OWL is reporting that about thirty old tyres have been seen dumped on some unused ground alongside there.
Sadly, there is dumping already in Cresswell – in the Izaak Walton Pub car-park – so it’s getting a problem.

Dumping is illegal, and the police are asking that, should you see any fly tipping in the area, then you need to try to take as much detail of the vehicle and its occupant as possible and “contact the police on telephone number 101 immediately”.

– – –
A50 ‘noise pollution’

We have had a couple of interesting letters to this website, pointing out that the problem of the excessive noise coming from the A50 dual carriageway is still causing problems.  See the correspondence

As you may know, this is an issue that has been going on since the A50 was built all those years ago.  The ‘whining’ sound is caused by the road’s concrete surface; and it is amazing how far the sound carries when the wind is in the right direction.
A petition was put together a few years ago, and our local MP, Bill Cash, presented it to Lord Adonis, the then Minister for Highways, but nothing much was done.

One of the letter-writers, Bev, is proposing that an action group be formed to try to get an answer to this noise-pollution problem.  If you email us, here at the website, or join in the correspondence, we’ll forward your emails to Bev.

Meanwhile, you might want to tell Bill Cash’s office in person what you think of the matter. The next surgery (in Stone) at Bill’s office takes place on Friday December 15th.  See Stone Conservative Office surgeries.

– – –
Missing minutes…

Finally, researchers who want to study the history of Draycott will be interested to learn that almost all the records of Draycott Parish Council have now been deposited with Stafford Record Office.   Here they can be properly and safely cared for in the best conditions; and researchers can study them at leisure.
These records of the parish council – including minutes, accounts etc – cover the years 1907-1994;  though the records covering the years 1994 to the present day still remain with the Clerk of The Council.

The more informed of you might ask a question though:  What has happened to the records from 1901-1907 ?  After all, Draycott in the Moors Parish Council was instituted in 1901.

Well, they are missing … and have been for some time!  It seems like the last time these early records were heard of, a Mr Perry was Clerk to the council, but Mr Perry is no longer with us, so no-one knows where these records are at all.

If you know any of the descendants of Mr Perry – and know where the missing records might be, do let us know!

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