Christmas makes its appearance

Well, it’s taken a while – but at last householders in Draycott-in-the-Moors have started putting up Christmas displays.

One of the first appearances this December was this snowman in New Avenue, even if he seems a little lost in a forest of twigs.

Draycott snowman

A snowman makes an appearance in New Avenue

But he was quickly joined by other arrivals…

Cresswell xmas display

They arrived by sleigh…

The group above makes regular festive appearances in Sandon Avenue (in Cresswell) – and they are very welcome back again!

(Have you some photos of Christmas lights displays in Draycott?  Please email them to us; and we’ll put them up on the site.)

Last minute

It is also the time of year when we all suddenly realise we need a last-minute present.
Don’t forget that Draycott may not have regular shops – but it does have stuff to buy.

Draycott nurseries presents

Presents galore at the nurseries

At Draycott Plant Nurseries, there are tables full of presents and sparkling Christmas decorations.  You don’t just have to buy plants…

And, at Grange End Farm in Cheadle Road, you can even buy a special local food.

Staffordshire honey sign

Honey for sale…

Yes, local honey is available within walking distance of your home!

But if you don’t want even to walk, then you could support local charitable organisations by buying a ‘present’ from them for your friends.
Cheadle & District Animal Welfare Society is the organisation which looks after lost pets locally.  They have a sponsorship scheme for some of the cats and dogs in their care; ideal as a gift for a pet lover maybe?

Do you know of more local produce or local items for sale? Just let us know


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