Development for Cresswell?

In a quite unexpected move, it looks like Blythe Business Park (aka Scentarea Ltd) is thinking of expanding – and is laying the proposals before the public in two weeks’ time.

The industrial-units complex in Cresswell is the site of the former Blythe Colours factory.  It is part of the group of companies headed up by local entrepreneur MJ Barrett.

We won’t know the details of the proposals until they are laid out at two forthcoming public consultation sessions – on January 9th and 10th – but it seems like the basic gist of it is that BBP wants permission to build homes near the present entrance, and to build more industrial units at the other end of the site.
To check on the dates, venue and times of these sessions, see our What’s On page.

Blythe Business Park signs

Blythe Business Park is home to almost thirty companies

The first consultation day will include an evening session, so, obviously, they expect a lot of public interest.


Comments will be invited in person over the sessions on the two days; but, if you can’t make the sessions, you can still express your thoughts by phoning or emailing Rosie Cotterill – 0121 695 5109 /
Rosie is handling enquiries on behalf of Deloitte, the real-estate company which is acting for the application.

We are especially curious about a promise of extra ‘community buildings’. What can they be?  It’ll be interesting to find out!

Local representation

As you might think, the Cresswell community action-group VVSM is already rousing it itself to make sure the proposals are thoroughly examined.

VVSM have told us that a couple of their members will be among the local representation attending a special pre-meeting with the BBP management.

They have also contacted us to say that, as time is short, they are gathering as many views from local residents as they can – and you may want to talk to them too if you have issues you want them to raise.
You can email VVSM, or phone them on (01782) 394218 or on (01782) 388077.

Incidentally VVSM are also appealing for local people to lend a hand to them at this time.  Some of the VVSM members are not well at the moment, and a couple of extra hands could help in this current project.


Of course, nothing is going to happen quickly.  Any proposals will have to go through the planning process and that will take its own sweet time.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to keep a weather-eye open at all times on just what might be happening…


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