NEWS: vandalism / bus review / green boiler / garages

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early-January 2014
We have news of…:  views requested on 249 bus / vandalism incidents / Sports Centre’s ‘green’ boiler / garages demolition? / Father David is chairman of the board.
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– – –
Bus-user?  Act now!

There is a very short time left now for anyone to add their views to the ongoing  consultation about the 249 bus service.  The 249 connects Draycott/Cresswell to both Stone and Longton – though, as you can see from its timetable, there is a very few runs per day.

The bus is operated by Bennett’s, and has their very distinctive purple-colour livery (though Bennett’s themselves call it “cranberry coloured”!).

The County Council is now reviewing some of the routes it subsidises, including the 249, so, if you are a frequent user of it, get your views in now!
The consultation document can be seen by clicking here. Please print off, complete it and return/post it – or e-mail your comments to Bernie Chadwick at the County Council.
Comments MUST be returned by Friday 10th January 2014.

Don’t forget that this week also marks the consultation process for the Blythe Business Park expansion plans:  click here for details of that.

– – –
Report vandalism

There was some unfortunate if minor vandalism to property at the western end of Draycott just before Christmas.  A caravan was attacked and some nuisance trespassing took place.
A couple of youths were seen, who only threw back abusive language when challenged.

However, although it was minor vandalism, this sort of incident is still very troubling to those affected by it.

If you see, or are affected by vandalism, the police are urging you to report it on the new police telephone number – which is 101.

There has also been continuing minor vandalism at the disused garages at the end of Cresswell’s Rookery Crescent.
Therefore, the Parish Council has now decided to formally request Staffordshire Moorlands District Council – who own the site – that the garages be demolished.
If you have thoughts on that decision by the PC, you might like to attend the council’s next meeting on January 20th and have your say in person at the meeting’s public participation session.

– – –
Going green for 2014

Congratulations to staff at Draycott Sports Centre by the way, who have kicked off 2014 with their new ‘biomass boiler’ up and running, and working very well.

Biomass boiler at Draycott Sports Centre

The new ‘biomass’ boiler is situated in a corner of the Sports Centre car-park in a wooden enclosure

The new system is classified as very ‘eco-friendly’ as it burns only off-cuts of wood-pellets; it supplies hot water and heating to the whole centre.
The costs are 40% cheaper per kilowatt than the old oil-boiler they had before.

Not only is it much better value than the system they were running before, but it is almost too good sometimes…  Joanne Thomas, the function co-ordinator at the Centre, told us:  “The members sometimes have to come and tell us that the rooms are too warm!”

– – –
Priest in post

Congratulations too to Father David Hartley, the Catholic parish priest at St Mary Church in Cresswell.  He was recently appointed the new chairman of the board of the so-called All-Saints Catholic Collegiate.

The collegiate will create a tighter unit between St Thomas More Catholic School, and its four feeder primary schools, which include St Augustine’s Catholic Primary in Meir.   St Augustine’s is where many of our Catholic youngsters attend school.

The new post will mean that Father David is kept even busier than he already is…!

To comment on any of the items on this page, or suggest some new ones for future posts,  just use the comments box near the bottom of this page.   (You do not have to leave your email address, which is always kept private anyway, but, if you don’t, that means you might miss any feedback).


One response to “NEWS: vandalism / bus review / green boiler / garages

  1. Blythe Colours site plan

    More relevant than anything about me and the All Saints Catholic Collegiate… is the consultation on planning on the Blythe Colours site, which will take place this Thursday and Friday, open to all.

    I have not received notification about it but I am sure VVSM could tell you the exact details.

    Fr David


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