NEWS: busy meeting / re-Marriage / cricket hog / turbine / Brookside path

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-January 2014
We have news of…:  busy parish council meeting!  / wind turbine coming / a celebration of Marriage / cricket club starts a college, with a hog / overgrown footpath at Brookside / school places deadline.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Get your seat early! 

The Draycott Parish Council meeting on Monday 20th January promises to be an interesting one.

Starting at the earlier than usual time of 7pm, one item that will definitely be raised is the question of the proposed housing development in Cresswell (click here for details).
And, though it may be difficult to fit in a full debate, the amount of ‘precept’ that the parish council wants to set as its council tax for the forthcoming year should be decided too.

The VVSM local community-action group is holding a pre-meeting on Thursday (16th) at 8pm at the Church Hall to gauge residents’ feelings about the Cresswell proposals; and will be taking their impressions from that session to the parish council meeting too.

– – –
Married? Do it again!

There are only a few churches across Staffordshire taking part in Marriage Week, but Draycott St Margaret’s is definitely one of them.

On Saturday 8th February, it’s Marriage Day at the church, when there will be a display of marriage memorabilia (photos, dresses and more!) during the afternoon; and a renewal of vows for couples at 4.45pm.
Any couple that is married can apply to be part of the renewal of vows ceremony, and we understand that there is even a video being made of the occasion, so you will have a permanent record of the moment if you get involved!

If you want to take part, ether in the renewal of vows or by contributing memorabilia/photos, please contact the church wardens.
You do not have to have been originally married at St Margaret’s.

– – –
Cricket club is going places – with a hog…

Congratulations to Blythe Cricket Club on their latest signing – a water-hog!
Actually a water-hog is a device for mopping up water off a wet pitch, and will come in useful if this summer proves to be rainy.  The club has now replaced the old one they had, so chances of ‘play resuming’ at their ground in Cresswell are now much higher.

Water hog

A water hog is basically a set of rollers, attached to a device to suck up water. The club’s new one has a seat…

The hog is being acquired thanks to a £10,000 grant from Sport England, and the money will also provide for new rain-covers for the cricket-square, and a fascinating new development in cricket coaching at the club.
Members of the club are setting up a ‘Blythe Cricket College’ – which basically will see them providing cricket coaches in local schools and running community-based cricket sessions for youngsters.

It’s really great to see that young people in Draycott and around will have these kinds of opportunities for their leisure time as the season gets under way.

– – –
School places

Incidentally, talking of youngsters, parents should be aware that, if they want to apply for a new school place for their child – to start in September 2014 – they have only one day left to make their application. The closing date is 15 January. (Click here for details).

The catchment-area primary school for us is William Amory in Blythe Bridge.

– – –
No way through

Thanks to Bill who sent in this photo of the footpath that leads off Cheadle Road down to Brookside.

Footpath finger post, from

Footpath finger-post at the point where Cheadle Road goes down to Brookside

As you can see, it is completely overgrown, and really needs cutting back.  In fact, it is impassable at the moment.

Bill, we’ve passed on this photo to parish councillor Gordon Winfield, who takes a special interest in our local footpaths, and to the Staffordshire Ramblers.  The Ramblers groups now work hand-in-glove with the county council trying to keep footpaths clear.

– – –
etting the wind up

Almost eighteen months ago, we reported on an application by New Buildings Farm to erect a wind turbine to generate the farm’s own electricity.  It was a relatively small one by comparison with some, but was still turned down by planners last year.

But the farm, which is in a remote spot between Cresswell and Hilderstone on a ridge looking down on to Bromley Wood, did not give up; and re-submitted the application with improved environmental standards.
It has now been approved.  For conservationists it will be a good result; though some countryside campaigners will be less happy.

So… it will be interesting to see how another application for a turbine in Draycott – at Draycott Cross (click here for details) – will be treated by planners.

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