NEWS: tax rise? / Izaak latest / burglary / Potter play on

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-January 2014
We have news of…:  rise in parish council tax?  / the latest on the Izaak Walton / Draycott Potter FC play on / Cresswell burglary  / local library under review.
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– – –
Rise in council tax?

If a recent decision by Draycott Parish Council goes ahead, it looks like we may well be paying more for the parish part of our council tax.
Parish Council members have agreed that they will seek an almost 25% rise in their allotted money, which would mean that the council would receive £8000 in 2014/15, instead of what it received last financial year, which was £6700-ish.

The request for the large increase is, it seems, because of the unexpected costs incurred in staging last year’s by-election (when Roger Tabbernor was elected as a new councillor), which has left the council shorter on funds than it would like to be.

However, it’s yet to be seen whether the council will be able to persuade the powers-that-be that they should be allowed the rise.

– – –
Izaak – latest

It is now exactly a year since the Izaak Walton Inn in Cresswell ‘went dark’ – and closed.
The pub-business that own it, Wellington, says the place is available for lease, and they do have it up on the James A Baker real-estate website, but (as far as we know) they have not yet accepted any of the offers they’ve had in.

Izaak Walton Inn pub sign

Poor Izaak is flaking off more and more day by day

Wellington has, also, so far, not replied to any letters of concern sent to them by the Draycott Parish Council, despite the way the building’s appearance has been dilapidating, and the way that vandalism has been occurring on the site.
It seems a shame that the company didn’t seem to wish to talk to the local community.

Izaak Walton car park

The Izaak Walton’s car park is now behind a chain-plus-tables barrier

However, at least there has been a little activity on the site in the past fortnight.
Someone has clearly been along to the pub – to clear up the litter that was in the car-park, and to create a barrier across the car-park entrance.  It’s a bit of a makeshift barrier (!)… but at least it shows some interest by the owners.

– – –
Potter keeping on

We were horrified to read in one of the local newspapers that there had been a serious injury to a home player at a recent Draycott Potter FC match.  The injury – a double fracture of the leg – was so bad that the game was called off, in respect.
Actually, the reporter was a bit mixed up.  Though the game had certainly been in Draycott (on the Draycott College pitch), the match had featured not Draycott FC but Fulford & Tean FC.    F&T’s captain Matt Forrester was the man who was so badly hurt.

As it happens, Draycott – who now play on pitches in Blythe Bridge – had actually been doing well elsewhere, in the quarter-final of the Charity Trophy tournament, where, in a hard-fought encounter, they beat Stone Town by five goals to three after extra time.
They are doing okay in the league too.

– – –
Support your local library

Blythe Bridge is home to our nearest local library.   so, it must have sent cold shivers down local library-users’ necks, not only in Blythe but here in Draycott too, to learn that the county council has decided on a full-scale review of library services.
Visits to library buildings are dropping – though electronic/digital online use is increasing massively.

If you use the library – whether frequently or infrequently – you may want to express your views about what should happen to it.  Find out more about making your views known by clicking here.

– – –
It’s easy to be a good citizen

As you may have heard by now, two weeks ago some riding tack was stolen from a stable block across the road from the cricket club in Cresswell Lane.

The police tell us that they feel that people too often do not report seeing suspicious activity – just the sort of activity that might have then led to this burglary.  Many people think they are over-reacting if they just report suspicions.

However, 101, the police non-emergency number, has been set up very much for this kind of eyes-and-ears reporting; and the public is beign asked to use it whenever we have concerns.
If you would prefer complete anonymity of course, you can ring the Crimestoppers number – 0800 555 111 – instead.

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One response to “NEWS: tax rise? / Izaak latest / burglary / Potter play on

  1. VVSM also struggled to get a response from the Wellington Pub Company so we collected signatures from residents stating their concerns, and we sent some photographs of the vandalism and fly tipping.
    They haven’t written to us but at least the rubbish has been cleared away and access to the car park has been blocked.



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