NEWS: vandalism / highways chief / bowls cash / church mag

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early February 2014
We have news of…:  attack on kiosk  / county highways chief coming / grant for bowls club / advertising in church mag  / Bethlehem carvings for sale.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Stupid vandalism

Depressing to say: we’ve been told of another piece of vandalism in Cresswell.  Someone tried to break into the decommissioned telephone kiosk (which is now the Cresswell Information Point) on Sunday night by smashing in a couple of its glass panes.

Damaged kiosk

Two panes were smashed

It seems to be sheer stupidity, as there is nothing in the kiosk of value, though it is kept locked overnight ‘just in case’.  The VVSM community group, which maintains the kiosk, is understandably saddened by the act.

Also, whoever did it doesn’t seem to know what they were doing, as during the attack, the mallet employed– the type with a rubber head – snapped off at the handle and landed inside the kiosk!  Police have taken it away to carry out forensic tests.

If you have information, let VVSM know, or phone 101, the police information number.
VVSM say they are trying to find funds to cover the cost of the repair, and to get the kiosk back in working order as soon as possible.

– – –
Highways chief comes to Draycott

No doubt Draycott Parish Council will be discussing at their next meeting this spate of vandal attacks in Cresswell, which also include an incident of theft, destruction to signage, graffiti, and damage to the BT box there.

Simon Tagg

Simon Tagg

However, there are other good reasons why you might want to attend the council meeting on Monday (Feb 17th).
The council has promised that the county councillor who is chiefly responsible for Staffordshire’s highways will be turning up as the special guest for the evening.
Cllr Simon Tagg will be answering questions about how Speedwatch works across the village, about the local need for speed-checks and extra speed-signs, and about a request for a drop in the speed limit, on parts of Uttoxeter Road, from 40mph to 30mph.

We know that the way that cars and lorries come tearing through Draycott, Cresswell & Totmonslow bothers many people, so you may want to see what Cllr Tagg has to say on the matter.  

Also, a representative from the pub company that manages the (still-closed) Izaak Walton Inn will be attending the meeting – which starts at 7.15pm.

– – –
Bowls club in funds

Our own county councillor, Mark Deaville, will be getting a special cheer in ten days time.
Mark has taken £600 from his ‘Community Fund’ to grant to the Checkley Bowls Club.  Despite its name, in fact Checkley Bowls Club plays its home matches on the green at Blythe Business Park in Cresswell.
The money will be used to buy sets of bowls.

To celebrate the award, and acting as a back-drop to the presentation of the cheque, the club is holding a one-off indoor match at Checkley Community Centre on Feb 19th at 1.30pm.

The club is always on the look-out for players, so – if you are interested in playing for one of its many teams – you are welcome to go along and find out more about them.
The bowls season starts in April – contact the secretary for more details.

– – –
Promote local business in magazine

Ever wanted to advertise a small business or project here in Draycott, but thought that newspaper rates were too high?
Well, why not try advertising in the church magazine…?

After all, the most local print-magazine in Draycott & Blythe Bridge has to be the monthly Church Parish Magazine.  We like it because it not only has news of activities in this district, but some good jokes (!), some interesting articles and even the occasional poem.
If you’re not a church-goer at St Margaret’s or St Peter’s, you can also buy it at The Draycott Arms pub where it retails at 40p a copy.

Of course, to pay its way, the magazine also has adverts, which also act as a sort of local trades directory.  A local business or project may well benefit from exposure here.  The cost for a year of advertising is now £30 for the year – which is not bad value!   For more info, contact the church treasurer.

– – –
Bethlehem carvings on sale

Meanwhile, at Draycott’s other church, St Mary Catholic Church in Cresswell, there will be a special sale this weekend of traditional olive wood carvings from Bethlehem.  The pieces are being sold on behalf of  the carvers. Their livelihood is much harder these days, as fewer pilgrims are going to Palestine because of the tense situation there.

The carvings will be on sale on Feb Sun 16th, after the 11am mass.  (There is also a chance to see them after the 6pm mass on Saturday at St Augustine’s in Meir, and the 9am mass at Caverswall on Sunday).
You don’t have to be a Catholic to go along and make an enquiry!

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