PHOTO: Draycott’s world-record holders

Congratulations to all those who took part in The Big Promise Day at Draycott last weekend – you are all (officially) World Record Holders!

On Saturday 8th February 2014, twenty-eight local couples (supported by babies and families!) renewed their wedding vows at exactly 5-15 pm.   It was part of a huge attempt across the UK to break the Guinness Book of Records achievement for the largest number of people repeating their marriage promises all at one time.

Big Promise Day at Draycott

The couples who took part in the Big Promise Day at Draycott

And it was an incredibly successful attempt – beating the previous record by a factor of 40% !

Day to remember

The promise renewals took place at St Margaret’s Church, where the rector, David Bickersteth, oversaw the action – and made sure everything was above board…  Everyone got an official certificate of attendance too.

Jane and David Meller

Jane and David Meller with their certificates

David told us: “It was a very happy day!  We must say big thanks to organisers Angela Pretty, Pauline & John Clarke, Dave & Jane Meller and Barry Berks ( the organist) – plus of course the many who donated cake, mulled wine, and items for the fantastic display of wedding memorabilia!”
Those fortunate enough to have been there on Saturday would have seen the display of memorabilia, which consisted of wedding dresses and wedding photo albums and more.

The mulled wine was particularly welcome as it was such a horrendous weather for the eighty people who had made their way to church for the afternoon.
Couples taking part in the event ranged from those who had been married just two years to those who had been together for more than 60 years.


Gillian & David Bickersteth renewed their vows too

It is even more of an achievement by Draycott folk when one thinks that only one other venue in the whole of Staffordshire took part.

Once again – congratulations to you all!

Thanks to John Clarke for the photos.

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