NEWS: Izaak to re-open / no to turbine / floods / local gathering

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid February 2014
We have news of…:  Izaak Walton pub reopens next month /date for our local gathering event / upset at turbine refusal / how flood-defence measures worked in Draycott.
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– – –
Izaak is coming back

The surprise news is that the Izaak Walton Inn in Cresswell is to be re-opened.  Though it has been closed for a year, and was clearly getting dilapidated, it has been announced that £150,000 will be spent on its refurbishment – and it should re-open in a few weeks time, in late March (see our Events page for the exact date).

Izaak Walton Inn, Cresswell

Izaak Walton Inn

It seems that a new company, Mornington, has been set up with the intention of taking on the ‘difficult’ pubs owned by the Wellington Pubs property company.  The Izaak is one such pub.
With that kind of backing, the new manager at The Izaak should get more support than have the previous tenants.

Cathy Morton is to be the new manager. She told us: “This is not exactly a last-ditch attempt to save the pub, but it is a major effort to preserve it.”
Cathy, who currently lives in Stoke, said:  “It will be run mostly as a restaurant, though there will be a bar.  It will work much along the lines of  ‘Chef & Brewer’ type concerns”.
She also promised that it would have open fires, use local produce and suppliers for the food, and be child-friendly.
If you want to follow the progress of the refurbishment, Cathy has set up a Facebook page for the pub – click here to see the Facebook page.

Historians will also be happy to know that the Izaak Walton & angling memorabilia, which has adorned the pub’s walls in the past, will not be thrown away, but spruced up and retained.

– – –
Parish council snubbed

At this week’s meeting of Draycott Parish Council, there was some dismay among councillors that a planning application for a wind turbine on a remote spot at Draycott Cross had been turned down by Moorlands District councillors.

The application for 46 metre high (to top of blade) turbine had been passed by the parish council in December, and local planning officials too said they had no objections.  Councillor Mark Deaville (who represents our area) said he had only received one complaint.
But SMDC councillors rejected the application last week by twelve to one.  In their explanation, they said that they were responding to complaints from Tean residents, a mile away from the site, who were citing objections on the grounds of ‘visual impairment’.

Draycott Parish chairman Tony Fletcher clearly was not impressed by that logic, and said the SMDC decision “made a mockery of local decision-making”, as it ignored the parish’s recommendation. He also thought that such decisions left “no future for renewable energy”.

The proposed turbine was taller than the one that has been approved at New Buildings Farm in Cresswell – so it’s possible the application (at Fields Farm) may just be re-submitted, this time with a smaller structure.

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– – –
Local ‘Democracy event’ date

This year’s ‘Parish Assembly’ for Draycott & Cresswell & Totmonslow has now been scheduled in for March 31st – and all are invited.  It will take place in the Church Hall at 7.30pm.

A parish assembly is a peculiar gathering, as it is NOT a meeting of the parish council (though it may be organised by the parish council).
In fact, it is an amazing piece of ancient democracy in which the electors themselves have their own day in the sun – and can discuss anything they like.
It is not under the control of any local government body, though, by law, the chairman of the parish council should chair the meeting.  No other councillor can take a privileged position during the meeting.
Fo more about what a parish assembly actually is and can do, click on this link – Parish Assembly rules.

So… how do you get something to be discussed at the meeting?  Simple, just ask for it to be put on the agenda!  Any local elector can do it.
The person drawing up the agenda for the assembly this year is Mary Edwards – you can phone her with your requests for agenda items on 01782 394807, or email her.  She is not able to refuse reasonable requests.
Get your requests in by March 20th if you can.

So… don’t just sit there.  Use this strange and ancient process to give yourself a chance to set the agenda!

– – –
Rains and floods

One thing about the incessant rain recently is that it has created a good opportunity to see how well local drains and ditches are working.
You may remember that constant rain did cause floods in Cresswell in 1987 – with minor flooding too in 2001, 2002, 2007, and 2009.

Well, from what we can see, things do seem to be working somewhat better.

The ditches that were cleared last year to prevent flooding on the Uttoxeter Road near Totmonslow seem to have functioned well.  We saw no flooding there this year.

Waterlogged field at Cresswell

Waterlogged field by Sandon Lane at Cresswell (looking toward business park)

The drains on Cresswell Lane (that have been emptied) too seem to have worked well, even though there was some back-up causing temporary pools on the road.  The nearby field (behind the lay-by) was waterlogged – but not flooded.

However, in Draycott Old Road, problems continue.  One resident said that he’d seen the whole width of the road flooded at one point – and he thought that the gullies definitely required proper cleaning-out, and some attention to the routes of ditches needed sorting.
Draycott old Road has been a problem for a while – sandbags had to be got in for residents after melting snow in Jan/Feb 2013 (following heavy rain in summer 2012) because the culvert was damaged and had not been taking away water.
There are moves by the county council to work with the land-owner to get a stream there reinstated, which might help.

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