The state of policing in Draycott

Insp. Jonathon Ward

Insp. Jonathon Ward

Inspector Jon Ward is the new head of policing in the Staffordshire Moorlands.   He was recently appointed to his post, and he comes with a reputation as a straight-talking officer with a special interest in community policing.

Insopector Ward is guest speaker at the Draycott Parish Assembly.

Local police teams

But what exactly is the profile of local policing in Draycott and district?
The way it’s done now is that each neighbourhood is allocated some dedicated police officers.

And – which Staffordshire Police ‘neighbourhood’ do we fit into?
The answer is that Draycott-in-the-Moors falls into the so-called Forsbrook & Caverswall Team district.
Actually, the name is fairly misleading!  Because,  this district doesn’t just cover those two small villages: in fact, it goes as far as Werrington, and includes Meir Park, Catchems Corner, Cellarhead, Kingsley Moor, Forsbrook, Blythe Bridge and Tean – as well us as here in Draycott, Cresswell & Totmonslow – so it’s pretty big.
To see a map of the area, and check on local crime statistics, click on the Police UK F&C district map.

As for officers, we have two ‘Police Community Support Officers’ and a number of ‘Neighbourhood Officers (Crime)’ specifically allocated to us.
The PCSOs do a lot of the community liaison and crime prevention, while you’ll most often see the NOs at the scene of a crime, or investigating one.
The two PCSOs, Adam Charlesworth and Jonathan Staples, will be familiar to many of us, from seeing them at the regular community-police liaison events.

Our former PCSO, Daniel Peake, who did a fine job, has just moved on. After being a PCSO for more than three years, he was promoted to full Police Constable at the end of last year.  He was commended for his outstanding work in community and youth issues (see press report).

As for the Neighbourhood Police Officers, the one who will become most familiar to us is PC Dave Stubbs.  Dave is relatively new to us, being assigned to us after a reorganisation which took place last year.
Four other officers keep an eye on the Forsbrook & Caverswall district, but they are expected to be more flexible than Dave.

Keeping an eye on crime

The idea is that the PCSOs, Adam Charlesworth and Jonathan Staples, are the ones who are the ‘listening-ear’;  so if you have concerns about issues in your locality, you can approach them directly. They can either deal with your concerns themselves, or alert the relevant police section.
Details of the full team, and their ranks, can be accessed by checking on the Staffordshire Police F&C Local Policing Team webpage.    As you’ll see on the page, you can phone each of the officers directly, or even send them an email.

The officers should also be approaching you.  Staffordshire Police have a policy called Citizen Focus Toolkit, whereby officers should be proactively talking to residents and asking them their concerns.

Of course, there are also other ways to keep across law and order issues in our district.  Cresswell has recently started up its own Neighbourhood Watch, which you can join.

But you don’t have to join a formal Neighbourhood Watch group – you can just sign up for personal alerts of NW news if you prefer that.

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One response to “The state of policing in Draycott

  1. PCSO’s Adam and John have been very supportive when VVSM had a few problems. They helped us when the kiosk was vandalised and they also helped us when we found three brand new shirts that had been discarded on to the road in Cresswell!
    We handed them over and Adam said that if they were not claimed within a certain period of time we could pick them up from the police station. This is what we did and because they were a bit dirty they were washed and ironed and presented to the Dougie Mac charity shop in Cheadle.

    Jacquie (VVSM)


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