NEWS: solar farm? / Izaak jobs / lost dog / wedding / no cafes…

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid March 2014 
We have news of…:  plans for large-scale solar energy hub locally / Izaak Walton pub job opportunities / Cresswell girl in ‘dream’ wedding / lack of drop-in clubs in Draycott / dog found in Cresswell Lane.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Solar hub for Cresswell?

More interesting possible developments locally…!
This time, a large commercial company is expressing interest in building a solar energy site on farm land in Newton, which is a small area between Totmonslow and Cresswell.

We presume that the company in question Novus Solar Development will be wanting to lease the land there in order to build large solar panels on the fields.
However, in fact there’s no need to speculate – as such questions will all be answered at a one-day public exhibition this week (on Thursday March 13th) – which takes place at Draycott Church & Community Hall between 2pm and 8pm.  All are invited.

The company will have representatives there who will be taking questions, and noting comments from interested residents.
(This kind of consultation is required before the proposals can move on to any possible planning application).

These sorts of solar parks seem, on the surface, to be the most acceptable form of green energy – but, even so, there are still divided opinions. See the BBC report which discusses the pros and cons of solar farms.

– – –
No place to go

The news that the family-oriented Hub Club has had to close (see our previous report) reminds us that there are no community drop-in clubs or cafes in Draycott.

Nearby Milwich has a community coffee-shop every Wednesday (see;  Tean has an occasional one on Mondays at Greatwood Hall; and in Blythe Bridge, the Blythe Social Club meets every Thursday afternoon at the Scout Hut for tea, cakes, ad bingo (call 01782 398994 for details).
But Draycott has nothing similar.

These events may only be weekly, but they can be something of a lifeline for people who live on their own, or for people who just want to meet the neighbours around them in a convivial atmosphere.

– – –
Jobs on the doorstep

Meanwhile, along at the Izaak Walton Inn, it seems that the refurbishment is progressing nicely.   We’re told that, if everything continues on schedule, the formal re-opening of the pub/restaurant will be on 21st March.

Of course, the business will need staff, and Kathy says she is still looking for bar, kitchen and front of house staff, as well as part-time cleaners and a general gardener/handyman.
If you’re interested, email Kathy, telling her why you think you could do the job, and with a copy of your CV to date.

– – –
Sam’s dreamy day

Finally, we were pleasantly surprised to turn the pages of the latest edition of Staffordshire Life, the county’s monthly magazine, only to see an article about the ‘dream wedding’ of Samantha Swinson, a girl from a well-known Cresswell family.
Sam married her beloved, Andy Sigley, last summer.

Sam is also Steve Swinson’s daughter; and she is well-known to many of us because of her charity fund-raising efforts for the Midlands Air Ambulance.  After her dad died a couple of years ago, Sam and the rest of her family decided to pay tribute to Steve’s memory by raising as much cash as they could for the Air Ambulance, which was Steve’s favourite charity.

The article in Staffordshire Life comes complete with photos of the reception, which was held at Heath House in Tean. The day itself was nice and sunny, making for some great images!

– – –
Dog found

Are you missing a dog?  Well, one was found on Saturday morning (8th) wandering near the Draycott Sports Centre on Cresswell Lane.
Phone 01782 392164 for details.

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One response to “NEWS: solar farm? / Izaak jobs / lost dog / wedding / no cafes…

  1. Solar farm good

    I think, good news regarding the solar farm. We need more renewable energy, it is preferable to a factory and to a housing estate as there will not be the noise and traffic pollution associated with both…. Of course, i would rather see green fields with sheep and cows, but times, they are a changing 😦

    Bev Reardon


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