Get fit – in Draycott

It’s that time of year again – and, after the winter slump, it’s time to get fit! In Draycott, fortunately, we have a lot of classes and sessions to help you achieve just that.
From ab-crunching to spinning, from zumba to dancing, we have a lot of classes in this district.  And some of them are even classed as ‘gentle exercise’ – so you’ve no excuse not to take part!

Sweat a bit

The more ambitious among us will of course want to sweat a bit – and you’ve a deal of opportunity here.

The Draycott Fitness Sports Centre is the obvious place to look.  There are keep-fit sessions of one sort or another every evening.
There is Zumba on Mondays, Circuit-Training on Tuesdays & Thursdays, Pilates on Thursdays, and Cardio-Tennis on Thursdays.
Spinning classes  are virtually every evening, being on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
What’s really great is that nearly all of these sessions can be attended by non-members as well as members, so you can just turn up. Most classes cost £4 to £5.

Fitness Club running-machines

There are plenty of running-machines to go round

If you don’t like going a class, well, you’ll really like the Sports Centre’s latest development – the Draycott ‘cardio-room’.  It’s only just opened, so it’s brand spanking new.  Here you’ll find running machines, rowing machines, static bikes, cross trainers and more.
Same sort of cost applies – £4 per session – though getting a membership may be more economical if you think you’re going to be using it regularly.  In fact, a monthly gym-only membership is now available at the centre.

And – we know we shouldn’t say this, because a drink doesn’t necessarily help one’s fitness… (!) – the centre’s bar is open every evening (even to non-members, no sign-in required), so you can relax after your shower with a cooling beverage of your choice.

Keith Carder is the centre chairman – if you need to know more, just email him.

Kick yourself….

Draycott is well blessed, because the Sports Centre is not the only place doing keep-fit sessions.
The Quick-Quick-Slow Dance Studios on Blythe Business Park in Cresswell also has some open fitness classes.

Kick fit poster

It’s best to use a big room when practising kick-fit…

Every Monday evening is the fearsome-sounding Kick-Fit Class (£4 per session); while the well-known instructor Damien Hey leads Zumba classes there on Tuesday evenings.
(Did you know that the word zumba is derived from fusion of a Colombian term meaning ‘fast moving’ and the word rumba (party)?  Sounds about right.)

Gentle exercise

But, for some, sweaty exercise is not appealing.

For them, we recommend the afternoon tea dances every Wednesday at the Quick-Quick-Slow studios.  There are tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes provided, though (wouldn’t you just know it?), the studios’ licensed bar is open throughout the afternoon too.

QQS Studios

The QQS dance-floor – nice and airy

If you like the idea of coming to the dancing, it’s best to phone first (07961 786 585) to make sure that there will be space for you – it can get crowded.
If you don’t know how to dance, a basic and brief introduction to the art is provided beforehand.

But… maybe yoy fancy something completely different? Believe it or not, we’ve been told that bell-ringing is a good form of exercise
The Draycott Bell-Ringers meet every Monday evening at St Margaret’s Church to practise on the bells there.  Newcomers are always welcome – email John for details, or just turn up at the church from 7.30 onwards (you don’t have to be a member of the church’s congregation) – and it’s free!

Staying with ‘gentle exercise’, don’t forget there is also Pilates, which is a form of concentrated stretching, at the Sports Centre.

We’ve also been asked to mention the local Walking Football games, where you are invited to have a kickabout on a small artificial pitch – but no running is allowed!  These are for over-50s only; and the beginners’ game on Friday afternoons, which is very informal, welcomes women too.
However, you’ll have to travel a couple of miles for that. Walking Football games take place at Cheadle Leisure centre – contact Ian for details.

Other activities

We haven’t touched on full sporting activities in this post.  Sorry about that – but we will do that in a future article.

And… if you have any suggestions about exercising / keeping fit sessions or even other sporting activities in our area, would you email us?  Or leave a suggestion in the comments box below. Thanks!


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