NEWS: big invite / Mum’s Day / old furniture / photo show

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late March 2014 
We have news of…:  annual-gathering reminder / Mother’s Day gifts, locally / how to spring-clean for charity / photo exhibition’s last week
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Everybody invited…

Here’s a reminder that the annual gathering of the people of Draycott & Cresswell & Totmonslow takes place this Monday (31st March, starts 7.30pm).
An annual assembly, as it’s called, is when the people of the electoral area can gather to discuss and raise any issues they like.
This year, the Draycott agenda also includes the annual reports of our district and counrty councillors, a plea for more reporting of irresponsible motorists speeding through the district, and a request to the parish council to publicise their decisions.

The first part of the meeting will however be given over to the guest speaker – Inspector Jonathan Ward, the new commander of local policing in the Moorlands.
The ‘Electors Forum’, when people can discuss local issues, follows the various reports.

All welcome – though only local residents can address the meeting.

– – –
No excuse for Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday (30th March), and, even if you have no transport, you really do have no excuse for not getting Mum a present – because Draycott Plant Nurseries is walkable from virtually anywhere within our area!  (It’s at the back of the Draycott Arms).

Mother's Day presents at Draycott Nurseries

Just a few of the possible Mother’s Day presents at Draycott Nurseries

The nursery has planters, shrubs and baskets that will all make for presents, at a range of prices.  If you prefer something more permanent, there is also the gift-shop section, which has ornaments, bird feeders etc.

– – –
Art photography

It’s too easy to forget that we have an ‘art gallery’ on our doorstep – at Blythe Bridge Library – and it’s always worth dropping in to look at the new exhibitions.

Right now you can see a display of the work of local professional photographer Will Brown.  Will, who lives in Blythe, specialises in portraits, but his more creative work can be seen at this show; and some of it is really fascinating.

Nemesis-apocolyptco, by Will Brown

Will has captured the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers in its ‘apocalyptic’ aspect…

This is the final week of the exhibition – so try to make the show if you’re at all interested in photography.
(Blythe Bridge Library closes at certain odd times in the week – so do check their opening times before you set out).

– – –
Spring clean with a conscience

Many of our neighbours seem to have been inspired by the sunnier weather to get on with their spring-cleaning.  Nearby charity shops will find they have a sudden influx of old woolly jumpers!

However, they’ve also told us that they’re puzzled over what to do about big items – like sofas, televisions etc, which are too big or heavy for them to deliver themselves.
Well, don’t despair…  In fact, there are some charities that will come fair distances to take away larger items, for free, even coming to Draycott.

In these days of food banks – the nearest one to us is the Cheadle Foodbank – it’s nice to know that someone is out there who will collect furniture, and then simply pass it on, free of charge, to people in need.  In North Staffordshire, ‘Furniture Mine’ fulfils that role.
(Be aware though that: if a Furniture Mine van turns up only to find the item is badly damaged, then they might charge a fee.  But, the way we look at it, it’s still a way to get rid of old stuff, and the fee does go to charity after all…)

The BHF charity warehouse in Stoke will also collect larger items.  They can take dressers, beds, you name it.  What’s more, they will also take electronic items, which is unusual. (They have specially-trained volunteers who will repair them if necessary). You can even book the collection of your items online!
The YMCA shop in Uttoxeter will also get its vans come to Draycott and collect large furniture items.

Of course, if you can manage to get your larger unwanted bits into your car and deliver it yourself, then, why not?  We think the nearest ‘warehouse’-type charity shop to us is the DMH store in Meir.  You can park outside the shop if you are unloading, or there is a municipal car-park just around the corner.

Finally, you may like your unwanted item to go to the ‘right’ person, and for free.  Well, you can use the Staffordshire Moorlands Freecycle Group, which is online only.  People can advertise any sort of items they no longer need, others reply via email, and then collect it from your home.
Also, people can advertise for items they require.
This is totally non-profit making and is done purely in the spirit of recycling.

However, if you have other suggestions – we’d love to hear them.  Just leave your thoughts in the comments box near the bottom of this page.

There you go – how to get a lovely, fresh–looking home, and help your conscience at the same time!

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2 responses to “NEWS: big invite / Mum’s Day / old furniture / photo show

  1. Old furniture

    Can anyone help with something fairly trivial ? We need to get rid of a sofa and footstool but they no longer have a fire label.
    Does anyone know if there is a collection service for recyling for this area ? It’s a pity we can’t donate the items to a good home but no centre will accept them without fire label.
    (Matching chairs, which we are keeping, still have the fire label).

    Beverly Adab


  2. Moorlands Freecycle Group

    There is also The Staffordshire Moorlands Freecycle Group ( It covers Draycott in the Moors.
    People can advertise any sort of items they no longer need, and people will reply via email, and then collect from your home.
    Also, people can advertise for items they require.
    This is totally non-profit making and is done purely in the spirit of recycling.



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