NEWS: road death / bus cuts / tea club / E eggs / new web

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid April 2014 
We have news of…:  young woman dies in traffic accident / cuts to the X50 service / news of regular tea clubs / local eggs for sale / new websites go online / trials for the Izaak…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Traffic death

The sad news is that there has been a death on the roads of Draycott.
Around half-past eight on Monday morning (14th April), a car and a lorry were involved in a crash, and the young woman driving the car was seriously injured. She died later in hospital.


Local residents have already been laying tributes of flowers at the spot of the accident

The young lady, who was only 29 years old, has not been identified yet.
The causes of the crash, which took place on the main Uttoxeter Road (near New Avenue), are being investigated. If you can help with any information, you can call 01785 234094 or 101 – quoting ‘incident 123 of April 14’.

Update:  since this item was written, the young victim has been identified – as Christie Gallon, a hospital nurse from Cheadle

– – –
Bus service depleted

It looks like we can expect only to see more cars on that length of Uttoxeter Road  – because Wardle’s, which operates the frequent X50 buses that come through Draycott along that stretch, have announced that they are severely cutting the service back.
The cuts might even leave just the one X50 service a day out of Draycott – in the early morning, to Hanley – and one service back to Draycott – in the early evening, from Hanley.

At other times of day, it may have to be a matter of walking up to Blythe Bridge, for most of us, to catch the buses from there.

– – –
Yes, there will be tea & cakes

The other week, we reported that it was a shame that there are no regular community drop-in sessions in Draycott-in-the-Moors. Around us, in other villages, there are weekly or monthly tea-&-cakes events.

Well, we now stand corrected – and we apologise.  Because, at Cresswell’s St Mary Church annexe, there is, yes, a monthly afternoon tea session – and all are welcome.
One of the organisers, Margaret Mountford, told us that about a dozen people go along, mostly older people, and they enjoy good conversation and excellent baking.
The next one is on April 24 (see our What’s On page).

And, we have also been told that we should really mention the luncheon club at Blythe Bridge, which meets every Wednesday between 9am–2pm. It is run by volunteers, and is primarily for people in their later years. A meal and activities are laid on.
This activity is run by three teams of volunteers, from the Moorlands Home Link organisation.
MHL tell us that more volunteers would be very welcome – you’d only be needed about once a month. Contact Moorlands Home Link by email, or on 01538 750511.

– – –
Izaak tribulations

The poor old management at The Izaak Walton have been going through a torrid time over the last two weeks.
First, the cellar kept flooding, and then manager Kathy suffered an electric shock, and had to be taken to hospital (only for a short time, thank goodness).
Sudden necessary improvements have also meant that the pub has had to close at short notice for a few hours – so some folks have turned up only to find the place ‘dark’.

However, we are assured that all is well now – and that the Easter weekend & Monday will be one for all at the pub to enjoy.

– – –
Easter eggs

Talking of Easter, the hens are again laying, so local chicken-keepers are again offering their free-range, home-produced eggs for sale.

Fresh eggs sign

Fresh eggs for sale at a house in Cresswell Lane

Local farmers too make a special effort at this time of year. We noticed that Lower Manor Farm (on Uttoxeter Road, almost opposite the church) is not just selling eggs but wilja potatoes too.

We even bought some goose eggs at the Draycott Arms pub. They had the biggest yolks we’ve ever seen…

– – –
New sites on the block

Finally, two new local websites to be aware of…
The webmaster for the St Margaret’s Church site has completely rebuilt it; and it now has a fresher, less complicated feel.  However, most of the ‘URLs’ have changed, so you will find that you need to re-set your favourites.
See: new St Margaret’s website

Also, the recently-formed Cresswell Community Group decided that it needed a website for its launch, so it created one – and you’ll find news and views about Cresswell on there. See: new CCG website

This new community group was formed after a decision to make the local VVSM group concentrate more on planning issues and major campaigns, and less about resolving matters at the grassroots.
So, the Cresswell Community Group will fill the gap – looking at street-level neighbourhood issues and opinions in Cresswell. It will be having regular get-togethers too, we are told, so look out for dates of those on its new website.
Members of CCG will be also be present at the Police’s drop-in session tomorrow (Wednesday April 15, at 2pm) at the lay-by on Sandon Road.

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