Draycott Sports gets £20,000

Congratulations to Draycott Sports Centre (on Cresswell Lane), where some deft negotiations have resulted in a £20,000 grant to the club from ‘Sport England’.
The members will be celebrating, not with champagne, but more likely with orange-squash, as the money will be used to improve the centre’s racquetball and squash courts…!

Draycott Club clothing

Members got so attached to the club that they asked for a range of branded club sportswear – and got it

These are, in fact, pretty exciting times for the centre.
In the last year, investments in the infrastructure have seen a whole new heating system installed.  Refurbishments in the gym area mean that members now have access to shiny-new ‘cardio-room’.   And a rethink on subs means that people no longer have to pay by the year, but can pay by the month, or even by the session, if they want to use the facilities.
What’s more, the function-room & bar is now being hired out more and more by the community.


But, in the end, sport is what drives the centre, where indoor & outdoor tennis and badminton are also on the menu.

So, to be awarded £20,000 in what’s called ‘Olympic Legacy Funding’ is quite a compliment to Draycott.   Sport England announced the grant as part of its national Inspired Facilities project.
To be precise, the cash will upgrade the club’s three glass-back squash courts, and other amenities. Some of the money will also be used to attract members of the local community to try sport again.

Which is where the Open Day comes in.
On Sunday 18th May, people in the community like us are being invited to try out all the facilities at the club for free. (Booking is best though – email Draycott Sports Centre to register).


Not surprisingly, Draycott’s chairman, Keith Carder, was pretty chuffed. He told us: “We are delighted to have secured this investment. It means we can upgrade the quality of our squash courts and club facilities – and encourage more people to play squash, racquetball and all the other sports and activities we offer.”

If there was ever a good time to try out the centre, then Sunday 18 May is probably it…!


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