NEWS: new car park / holiday plans / scorer needed / Bear Withers / no play

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late April 2014 
We have news of…:  play-area plan abandoned / summer holiday planning / cricket season off to good start / Bear Withers regular slot / car-park improvement at hall…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Play-facilities now in the long grass

Following a well-attended public meeting in which residents and management at Draycott Moor College exchanged frank views, it seems that the chance for Draycott’s children to have their own play-area has now gone.

Some eighteen months ago, the college authorities offered the use of its small green space play-area (the one next to the college that fronts on to Draycott Old Road) to the parish council.

However the council has been unable to find anyone to take the responsibility for locking the area up at night. So, the college has now decided it may be better off converting the area into a car-park.

The meeting did also manage to resolve a number of other issues, including, ironically enough, the problem of the numbers of cars parking in the street outside the college.

– – –
We’re all going on a …

Yes, it will be the summer holidays before we know it.  However, Chrissi Thompson, the youth worker who runs the Draycott youth club every Thursday at the church hall, is one who has definitely remembered that they are coming up.

Chrissi has organised a meeting for Wednesday 30th April at 7.30pm to discuss and plan for local children’s activities during the long days of July and August. She would welcome anyone interested in helping out and organising.
The meeting takes place at Blythe Methodist Church Hall – for more information please contact Chrissi.

– – –
Play up, Blythe!

The first team at Blythe Cricket Club (which plays in Cresswell) has started the season well, winning their first two games.
The facilities for watching at the club are really very good – so if you find yourself at a loose end on a weekend, do stroll along and watch some good cricket. What’s more, this year, the first team is enhanced by the presence of a new professional, the Sri Lankan bowler Upul Indrasiri.
(See What’s On Page for forthcoming home games).

Blythe Cricket flag

The flag now flying at the club pays tribute to the Under-13 side, which had such a successful 2013 season

And… if you have a number of Saturdays or Sundays free, you could even be very useful to the club: as they are looking for volunteers to act as scorers. The duties are not arduous (!), and you get free cups of tea…
Email Blythe CC for details.

Incidentally, senior and junior practice nights are on Tuesday and Friday respectively at 6pm; while players are still required for the Sunday league team. The Sunday league team is not necessarily looking for the most skilled players…

– – –
Bear with it

If watching cricket sounds too tiring (!), you may enjoy midweek nights at the Draycott Arms.   The Bear Withers group, which specialises in a combination of humour and covers of the better pop hits, practises there in the bar every Wednesday; and it’s a bit of fun to go along and hear what they are up to.

Bear Withers

Bear Withers – a pint and a tune

It’s a laid-back session, so if you don’t mind that it’s a more of a ‘jam’ than a finished set, you’ll always leave with a smile on your face.
There are no loud amplifiers, so your ears are quite safe. And it’s free, of course.

– – –
Surface renovations

It has been a very good couple of years for the church hall, where the roof has been fixed, insulation installed, the heating system upgraded, and there has been all-round decoration. It’s all part of an effort to make the hall more attractive to anyone who wishes to hire it.

Church Hall car park

The new church hall car park – freshly tarmac-ed over

The latest improvement has seen the hall’s car-park re-surfaced – so no more crunching sounds as car-axles hit potholes.

Now, if someone can just fix bumpy ol’ Church Lane too…

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