Some Draycott walks

The glorious weather of recent days has prompted a lot of us to put on our walking boots and go for a local ramble. Even in a small district such as Draycott in the Moors, there are fourteen miles of field-paths!
So – here’s some walks for you to try.

The walks come from the small leaflet-booklet called ‘Draycott in the Moors Community Walks’ (published by the local parish council a few years ago), which lists three possible walks.
However, stocks of the leaflet appear to have run very low, and, rather than doing an expensive reprint, the Parish Council have asked us to reproduce the map & instructions here on the website.
Just click the link below, and document will open, with map and instructions.  You have the choice of a Word document or a pdf.

DRAYCOTT IN THE MOORS Three Community Walks  (Word document)
DRAYCOTT IN THE MOORS Three Community Walks  (pdf)

All you have to do is print off a version, or make a copy of it for yourself. (There is the usual rider: the parish council accepts no liability for loss, damage or injury as a result of using the walks suggestions). Fre of charge!

Draycott Walks Leaflet

The original Draycott Walks Leaflet

Thanks to parish councillors Gordon Winfield and Pauline Clarke who wrote the original instructions for the three community walks; and to Rob Pointon who put together the original maps and drawings.

All the walks are circular, bringing you back to where you started. All sections are on the public footpaths network, so you are safe to be on them!
If you prefer to use more detailed maps, the Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 258 is the one, or you can also find public footpaths outlined in the ‘Phillips Street Atlas of Staffordshire’ guide.

Your walking

There are many more possible walks in the wider Draycott area of course.
The Paynsley-Newton-Cresswell Walk is just one of many and is a longer one. This walk goes through a farm though, so at times (like during Mad Cow Disease), the walk can be closed off – but that is rare.

There is also the Cresswell Quiz Trail, whic is a good walk to do with children

Do you have a familiar walk of yours that you’d like to outline and share?  If you do, please just write out some notes about your favourites, and email them to us, and we’ll put them up on the site for others to enjoy too.
If you want to attach photographs of sights along these walks, that would be great too.

And, if you know of other websites which offer walks that cross Draycott, we’d love to know of them too.  Just use the comments box, further down this page, to tell us of them.

Answers to the Cresswell Quiz Trail are:
Grass snake
Black & White
To generate electricity for the farm
A group of trees where rooks nest
Ceramics & Pottery
Cows’ hooves cannot cope with this sort of set-up, so it stops cows wandering further
Izaak Walton
Because Cresswell used to have its own railway station
Because Izaak Walton was a fisherman
It was a railway hub
It is what’s left of the old goods yard platform
St Mary’s House
Mary The Mother of Jesus, and Jesus
It is the ‘boundary line’; if a ball struck by the batsman goes beyond this line the batting side score four (or more) runs

2 responses to “Some Draycott walks

  1. Brookside path blocked

    What about the path between Brookside and Cheadle Road by LIlac Cottage? Blocked by over hanging trees and vegetation. No action? But no surprise as … certain folk … wouldn’t want the hoi polloi using that ?!

    So – you’ll report some farmer about a field path (that a week later will be avialable to use anyway), but suggest no action on the above?



  2. 'Impossible' path

    The footpath north from the church has been ploughed over, yet again, making it impossible to walk on it.
    The byways department have been informed and will visit the site hopefully soon to ask the farmer to re-instate a much loved footpath.



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