NEWS: Burglary / footy final / EU elections / new board & LOOP

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early May 2014 
We have news of…:  thieves strike in Cresswell / new loop at St Mary / European election candidates / Draycott Potter FC in final /  The Grange is sold / new noticeboard for Cresswell on the way
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Thieves strike in Cresswell

Sad to report that there has been another burglary in Cresswell, following the one earlier this year.
Neighbourhood Watch tell us that on Wednesday (30 April) this week, someone got into a farm’s workshop and stole over a dozen tractor batteries.  It’s not clear if it was an opportunist theft or a planned one.

Were you travelling along the Cresswell Road toward Hilderstone on Wednesday? If you think you have some information, call 101 (quote “incident number 823 of 30th April”) or, for complete anonymity, ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Incidentally:  don’t forget that the Fire Brigades Union is on strike over the next three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), so this weekend is not a good time to have a bonfire…    For more details of the strike hours, click here

– – –
Potter heading for the Cup

On to more pleasant news; and it’s good to report that Draycott Potter FC have reached the final of the ‘Ken Green Memorial Cup’. This is quite a prestigious tournament, with the big match itself taking place at the JCB Rocester ground on Sunday 11th May with a 10.30am kick off.

The team have not a bad season, and are likely to finish third or fourth in Division One of the Uttoxeter Sunday League, but they haven’t been able to secure any silverware for some years.

Yes, Draycott Potter may no longer have a base here, having had to move twelve months ago to the Blythe Bridge recreation ground, but they still carry the village’s name – so we wish them the best of luck!

– – –
Election day

Another date many of us are eagerly anticipating (er, well maybe…!) is the day of the elections to the European Parliament, which is May 22.
Our local polling station will be the Church Hall in Church Lane as usual.

All the candidates for our region, the West Midlands, have now been announced (see candidates list), and we have a bewildering seventy of them to choose from, though only seven can be eventually successful.

Voting is a little complicated, but easy when you know how. You just have the one vote; and you either select an individual or a party.  In fact, it really doesn’t matter if you select an individual or a party, as, it’s all down then to proportional representation.
The About My Vote website has a good European Elections guide if you want to know more.    If you are not sure if you are eligible to vote it will help you find that out too.
If you are not registered to vote, the last day to register to vote for this particular election is Tuesday 6 May (see how to register).

– – –
Budgeting – at two ends of the scale

Well, if you are still saving up your pennies to try to buy The Grange, a country house in Cheadle Road (just up from The Draycott Arms), we have bad news for you. It has recently been sold by estate-agents James Du Pavey – for around £850,000.
Whoever bought it may well be into swimming or boating – as it has a large natural lake in the grounds and a log cabin to boot.

The Grange

The Grange

Meanwhile at the other end of the monetary scale, things are somewhat different.

Draycott Parish Council say they think they now have the money at last to replace the current shabby notice board in Cresswell (which itself was a temporary job – after the last one fell down last year).
However, budgeting constraints mean the new one will have no frills. The parish council have allocated £550 to the project.

And, at St Mary Catholic Church, they are appealing for financial help. With an older population much more in evidence these days, they thought it best to install a ‘loop system’. This will enable those who use hearing-aids to be able to hear the services much more clearly.
Of course, it has cost a deal of money, and fund-raising to pay for it continues!

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