NEWS: bus misery / bar belle! / photo comp / solar farm response

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early to mid May 2014 
We have news of…:  decimation of bus services / activity from The Izaak / a photo competition for Draycott / a response to the solar-farm plan
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Disastrous bus changes

The new summer-season bus timetables, which have just been released, make pretty horrible reading for Draycott. Services have been decimated.

The proud X50 service – which came in a couple of years ago with hourly services to Hanley and Uttoxeter – has been steadily whittled away, and is now reduced to a pitiful two buses a day, one in each direction.
The 182 service is no better.
And the 249 and 7A have disappeared altogether.

The 4 (the one that turns to go to Cresswell and then Stone) is much the same as it was, but it only has few runs anyway. The bad news there is that now we are getting more reports (about that service) of cancelled buses, and buses that turn up significantly late.
However, we should count our blessings – without the county council subsidy, it probably wouldn’t be there at all.

To find out which buses are currently running in Draycott in the Moors, click here.

Cresswell junction bus shelter

Cresswell junction bus shelter – no timetable to be seen

It would be somewhat bearable if we could be sure of what times these few buses were turning up, if at all. But the timetable-forms seem to be missing on more than one of our bus-stops. Only in Cresswell – thanks to the Community Group’s kiosk – can one be sure of finding a ‘hard-copy’ of the timetable.
We were told that there was a phone-number we could call to find out if a bus had been cancelled, but if there is, we can’t discover it. Anybody know it?

Burnt out bus timetable

Burnt out bus timetable at New Avenue shelter – not been replaced for months

Of course, if you can get to Blythe Bridge, things do get significantly better.
The best route-finder for all journeys is still Traveline – but don’t be surprised if it advises you to “first: walk to Blythe Bridge”!

The question is: can anything be done about this mess?
Colin Bostock has already told us about the lack of buses and how it is affecting his caravan-site visitors; and it is also clearly creating huge problems for older people trying to get to appointments.

If you feel strongly about all this, you might want to attend the Draycott Parish Council AGM, which takes place on Monday 19th May; and make your views known. As far as we know, the council have not yet taken action over this issue.

– – –
Cresswell’s energy

Talking of Cresswell Community Group, they have now published their response to the planning application for a solar energy farm proposed for Newton.

The CCG seem broadly to welcome it, especially as it seems to pose no threat to wildlife. View their response by clicking here.

– – –
Barbelle – what a lovely creature

Barbelle beer

Hello Barbelle…

Welcome to Barbelle!
This lovely creature can be seen perched on the bar at the Izaak Walton every night of the week; and is much favoured by the gentlemen who frequent the place.

However, before your imaginations go wild (!), we need to tell you that the Izaak commissioned a beer to be brewed for the pub and ran a competition to name it.
Anthony Reynolds’ nomination ‘Barbelle’ was eventually chosen as the moniker because of the pun in the name – a ‘Belle’ of the bar and the barbel fish (angling is a well-established theme at the Izaak).

Despite that excitement, Kathy and her team have managed now to settle down after the first few volatile weeks of opening – though she admits that the lack of a proper bus service (again!) makes it hard sometimes to attract staff.

She’s reaching out to the community now; and the first charity quiz takes place next week (on Wed 14 may) when the benefiting charity will be the local ‘Community First Responders’.  All welcome!

– – –
Calling all snappers

Do remember, by the way, that the biggest date you should have in your diary already is – no, not the World Cup Final! – the weekend of this year’s Draycott Summer Fayre, which is on July 12 & 13.
The fayre is a major fund-raiser for St Margaret’s Church and helps to keep this ancient building in good nick.

A new fund-raising product this year will be a calendar, which will have in it a dozen photos of the lovely old church itself. But the creators of the calendar really need more photos, so that the dozen that will be in it really are the best possible.

St Margaret's church in snow

St Margaret’s church in snow

So… they want YOU to submit your photos of the church. It’s a completion; so there are prizes! All photos must be emailed in by 1st July; and will be on display at the fayre.
Email your entries (or queries) to St Margaret’s Church Photo Comp.

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2 responses to “NEWS: bus misery / bar belle! / photo comp / solar farm response

  1. Cresswell Community Group have applied for some funding to provide a noticeboard to go in the Cresswell bus shelter. If we are lucky and receive the funding we will ensure the new time table goes in there.
    Meanwhile we will laminate a copy and pin it up. There will also be a new one in the kiosk.



  2. No bus service

    Could some one tell me if the parish council is pushing to get some form of decent public transport between Tean and Blythe bridge?
    When the X50 ran properly, this was a very useful service for the caravans that stayed on my site (Caravan Club Certificated) and now there is hardly none.

    Colin Bostock, Totmonslow


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