Forty year old Brownie pack

Prepare to go back in time…
Can anyone identify the members of this Draycott Brownie pack?  The photo was taken in 1975, in Draycott Church Hall.

Draycott brownie pack in 1975

… the way we were …

(If you find this photo too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately)

Mary Edwards (Brown Owl in the picture) started the troop in July 1973, and it ran until 1994.  Mary told us: “It was a wonderful time and there were some fantastic girls – some I am still in contact with today”.

We are also told that there had been a Brownies unit before, led by a Mrs. Burton, but we have no more information.  If you know any more facts, would you contact us?

Sadly, you won’t find a Brownie group in Draycott these days, or even a Girl Guides unit.  The Guides (Threapwood Division), which caters to most of the south Moorlands including Draycott, can help you find the nearest one though if you want to enrol your daughter.  The nearest units are the ‘Forsbrook 2’ Girl Guides & Brownies & Rainbows, who meet in Blythe Bridge.

Some may even remember The Brownie Law: “A Brownie guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.”
I wonder if these former Brownies still remember their Promise?

Sara Kellaway

The photo is just one of many sent in to us by Sara Gibson (nee Kellaway).  Her father John Kellaway was very well-known in Draycott, serving as the People’s Warden at St Margaret’s Church for nearly 30 years, until 1984.
Sara was married to Barry Tabbinor.  Barry died in 1983.

Sara, who liked to help her father in his duties at the church, says he and she saw many rectors and curates come and go – including Reverends Chadwick, Healey, Bateman, and Wheeler, not forgetting ‘stand-ins’ such as Canon Charles Fox.

Sara, who remarried ten years ago, moved out to Australia recently.  Her son Simon and his family live out there.
Naturally, she sends best wishes to anybody who remembers her!

More photos from Sara’s collection to come…

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One response to “Forty year old Brownie pack

  1. Name the Brownie!

    Ooh I’m on this! Bottom row 2nd in from the left. I can name 18-20 of them on here. Happy times.

    And the Brownie Promise was… “I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God. To serve the Queen and help other people and to keep the Brownie guide law!” (Or something like that?)

    Helen Shenton nee Mountford

    Editors’ note: Thanks Helen!
    And thanks too to the people who have contacted us with other names. We now know that: the Brown Owl is Mary Edwards (now Clerk to Draycott Parish Council); Katherine Nickerson is the girl guide; Ruth Tabinor is the Brownie 3rd from left, back row; and Helen Nickerson is the Brownie 2nd from the left, back row.


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