NEWS: local markets / World Cup / path closure

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late May 2014 
We have news of…:  a car-boot sale in Cresswell, a nearby produce market, and a car-wash in Draycott / where to watch the World Cup locally / PCouncil approves footpath closure / Jean Tunnicliff passes away.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Saturday shopping

Well, you wait ages for a market – then two come along at once!  And they are both taking place this Saturday (31st May).

First, the local community group, the CCG, are staging a car-boot sale on Saturday between 10am-2pm (weather permitting), at the Izaak Walton Inn.  It is a joint venture between the group and the pub to raise funds for a mobile defibrillator, which will be sited in a case on the outside of the pub.
Latest advice is that all villages should have a defibrillator – as, after a cardiac arrest, it acts to deliver an electrical current through the chest, which shocks the heart back into action.  Because time is of the essence after cardiac arrest, they are – literally – life-savers.
If you want a table at the car-boot, contact Shelagh Wood (07818 610248) or email CCG.  They cost £5 apiece.

Meanwhile, at next-door village Hilderstone, they are starting a monhtly fully-blown local produce market in their village hall – also on Saturday (but in the morning only – 10am to 12.30pm).  They are looking right now for craftspeople and produce people to take stalls, and welcome folks from Draycott & Cresswell.
So, if you make anything from jewellery to cheese, you might like to hire a table, which costs £5. Money goes to the Church Fund.
Incidentally, if you only produce a few potatoes, or just have a few flowers from the garden, you don’t have to take out a whole table. You can add them to the ‘General Produce Table’, at no charge.
Contact Jennifer for details.

And finally, don’t forget that tomorrow (Wednesday 27 May), you can get your car washed in the Draycott Arms car park for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity.

It’s all go, isn’t it?

– – –
En-ger-lund, En-ger-lund!

Talking of action, you will not have forgotten that, in just two weeks time, the Soccer World Cup gets under way.
But… where should a true fan go to watch the games?
Well, in Draycott, you are spoiled for choice.


Brazil hosts the World Cup

At the Draycott Sports Centre, all the matches are being screened in the bar, and the centre’s new bar licence will allow the serving of alcohol until midnight.
For England’s game on Saturday 14 June, which doesn’t start in the UK until 11pm, the club is putting on a whole evening of entertainment, including a pub quiz from 8pm.  Fans will need to buy all their post-midnight drinks at half-time!

The Izaak Walton is also pulling out the stops.  The TV in the pub’s bar will carry the games, with free bowls of chips at half-time at England matches to keep the supporters’ strength up. The Izaak has the same arrangement for post-midnight drinks on Sat 14 June as the sports centre.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the two venues’ Facebook pages for any World Cup updates.

– – –
Footpath to close

Draycott Parish Council has given its support to the closure of footpath 18a, the 100 yard stretch that runs from St Mary’s Church in Cresswell down to Railway Cottages.  It seems a shame to lose that footpath, as – if another bit of land had been loaned in the future – it could have been a route through to the start of the old-railway track, which is now being developed as a ramblers’ trail.
However, it has little real use at the moment.

Talking of the Parish Council, its annual accounts are now available for inspection and comment, until late June.  Contact the parish clerk to be able to go and see them.

And, talking of government in general, our votes have now been counted in the European Parliament elections and the results are in.
Draycott in the Moors is part of the West Midlands Region, where we now have two Tory, two Labour and three UKIP MEPs representing us.

– – –

Finally our condolences to Stuart Tunnicliff, whose wife Jean has just passed away.  Many will know Stuart, who has been a stalwart of Draycott life for many years.
Back in 2009, he and Jean bravely spoke to the newspapers about the news that not just one of them, but both of them, had developed cancers; and how they had dealt with the shock.

Stuart Tunnicliffe

Stuart Tunnicliffe sold some of his paintings at the 2012 St Margaret’s Fayre to help out fund-raising for the church

By one of those sad ironies of fate, Stuart has just been featured in the Sentinel newspaper – where his memories of Longton Garages made fascinating reading.

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