NEWS: fine sports / election remarks / Dr Text! / falls service

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in early June 2014 
We have news of…:  tennis & cricket teams in fine form / wedding of the year / chairman’s remarks about election / text reminders from your doctor / a service for those at risk of a fall…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Summer sports up and running

Now that we are into June, it is supposedly summer (though, those rain-clouds just won’t disappear completely, will they?)
And we are happy to say that our summer sports teams seem to be doing not too bad at all.

The amazing Draycott Sports Centre tennis team are storming away at the top of the City & Suburban Tennis League Division One, having won all their matches, with maximum points. Amazing!
We definitely recommend that tennis-lovers turn up at the centre on June 18, when the Draycott team are next at home.  It should be great to watch.

Upul Indrasiri

Upul Indrasiri

Meanwhile Sri Lankan bowler Upul Indrasiri, who is the new professional at Blythe Cricket Club, has also had a terrific start to the season.  He’s taken almost as many wickets as the rest of the team put together; and also taken one wonderful ‘five-wicket haul’.

You can check out some of the sporting events in Draycott on our What’s On pages.

– – –
Blowing (?)  money on elections

The Cresswell Community Group recently put a post on its blog about comments made at the last Draycott Parish Council meeting.
They say that the chairman is supposed to have remarked during the meeting that money had been “blown on an election”, referring to the 2013 by-election to the council.
Well, we can confirm that he did say that.

It seems an odd thing to for a representative of local democracy to say, especially when parish councils are always complaining that so few people want to come forward to be considered for a seat on the council.

It was also quite embarrassing because the very councillor whose candidature had triggered the balloting-process expense was sitting right in front of him.

– – –
Don’t be late – get a text

Many of us attend the Dr Pilpel & Team surgeries – either the one at Tean or the one at the Blythe Bridge Health Centre.
The practice does try to keep up with the latest innovations; and their latest idea is just such a sort of effort.

Admittedly the practice is very fed up with the amount of missed appointments, which average around fifty a month, which is a lot of a waste of time for all concerned.
So now, patients have the option of getting a reminder … by text!

We think it’s a great idea; and will be ourselves using the service.

To register for the service, contact the surgery.

– – –
Never fear a fall again

Talking of great ideas in the field of health, a new service for older people has just been introduced – and people in Draycott-in-the-Moors are eligible for it.

It’s a ‘Falls Responder Service’ – meant to get help quickly to the more frail of us who may live alone, and are at risk of a serious fall.  Sometimes, such people can fall and be stuck lying on the floor for hours, unable to move.
There are quite a few older people living in this district of ours, many of whom live by themselves.

Organisers of the new service are distributing easy-to-use, free call-alert pendants (worn around the neck).  These are linked to a specialist team which is now on-call 24-hours-a-day.
No doubt our good friends at the Fulford & District CFR (see recent article on this website) will be involved too.

Anyone who wants more information about the service should ask their GP, read an article about it, or contact 01782 234545, or email

– – –
Wedding closes pub…

Oh – just a quick note: don’t try and go for a pint at the Draycott Arms tomorrow (Wed 11th June).

Yes, Deryn and John will be closing the place for a day, as they watch over the wedding of the year at St Margaret’s.
Bet you can’t guess who’s getting married.  (…think relative).

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