Rare breed in Draycott

Thanks to Jean Wilder for this photo…   She tells us that she was walking near Brookside – which is just off the Cheadle Road, when she came across these lovely Gloucester Old Spot pigs near Hollow Farm.
Old Spots are officially a rare-breed, so keeping them is a real piece of dedication.

Hollow Farm Old Spots

Happy pigs!

Spots story

This trio look to be happy animals.  Maybe that is not so surprising as the Gloucester Old Spot is relatively hardy in most weathers.
It enjoys rooting, as these three demonstrate in the photo.

It was a seriously endangered breed right through the twentieth century, until, ironically, it was marketed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust for its high quality pork and bacon.

Finally one lovely bit of folklore concerns the black spots on the pig’s hide.
In the old days, these pigs were known to be attracted to orchards where they fed on windfall apples.
The myth is that the black spots on their backs developed over time – from bruises caused by all those apples falling on them!

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