NEWS: own a sculpture / homes for sale / tops in sport / wedding photos

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid July 2014 
We have news of…:  a chance to own a wood-sculpture made by local man / luxury homes for sale in Draycott / top news in local tennis and cricket / photos of Draycott wedding go online…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
An original carving … could be yours!

It’s only a few days now until the Draycott Summer Fayre, which takes place this Sunday (13th July).
The organisers are getting busier by the minute, and each day that goes past seems to require an update to the events list!

The latest thing is that the locally-born wood-sculptor Anthony Hammond has now agreed to create a work of art on the day, starting from scratch, using a section of an oak tree from Huntley Wood. Before our very eyes, the object will take shape.

Anthony Hammond at work

Anthony Hammond at work making a carving

If you like Anthony’s work (and who doesn’t?), you can enter a raffle to own the finished piece.
For a full list of events, times and other details of the fayre, click here.

– – –
Going for glory

It continues to be a good summer for our tennis and cricket teams.

In the City & Suburban Tennis League, it has proved a very exciting end to the season,  with tight battles at the top of all men’s and ladies’ divisions.
In fact, Draycott Ladies put on a surge to beat their nearest rivals, Basford, with a whitewash, making them champions – so, congratulations to them!
Meanwhile, in the men’s top division, there is currently just one point separating the three teams at the top (and yes, Draycott is one of them).

If you want to see some cracking tennis, Draycott Men’s last home fixture is on July 26th at Draycott Sports Centre, and it could well be nail-biting stuff.  All are welcome to go along and watch.

As for the cricket, the First XI at Blythe CC, which plays in Cresswell, is having a very satisfactory season indeed, having won two-thirds of their matches so far; and with their professional, Upul Indrasiri, turning in amazing figures with both ball and bat.

Watching the game at Blythe Cricket Club

Watching the game at Blythe Cricket Club

Again, if you fancy watching an afternoon of great sport, then you’ll be very welcome at the club’s ground on Saturday afternoons.

– – –
Property sale

If you have a few hundred thousand pounds in your back-pocket, you might be interested to learn that some of the district’s choicest properties are up for sale.

Cresswell house

Cresswell house for sale

Newton Park Farm, Ken Shelley’s old place, is up for auction tomorrow (Wednesday 9th July), as is the pastureland around the house.  Guide price is £350,000. See details.
Meanwhile, Highcroft, a large house with extensive views over Totmonslow, has also been put up for sale.  However, that kind of view doesn’t come cheap – you’ll need something in the region of £600,000 for it.
Finally, that big black-and-white house near the Cresswell Pumping Station, is also open for offers – around £420,000.  See details.

Of course, we’d love to buy one of these… but we’re still saving up to pay off last winter’s gas bill… (!!)

– – –
Plant recommnedations

One of the advantages of a big house is to have widespread gardens, but if yours is only a small one, don’t despair: the Facebook page run by Draycott Nurseries gives all sorts of suggestions for reasonably priced plants that will still look good in anyone’s garden.

California GloryNeil’s latest recommendation is that fabulous golden plant, California Glory (see pic, right).
What’s more, Neil and the team there also offer tips on their Facebook site on how best to look after the plants that they highlight.

– – –
Wedding bells immortalised

Finally, if you missed the Draycott wedding of the year – the marriage of John and Deryn Ford’s daughter Ellie to her sweetheart Martin – fear not, as the photos are now all online.
John and Deryn, who run the Draycott Arms, decided to close the pub for the day so that everyone could enjoy the day without worrying, and judging from the pictures, it was an idyllic day indeed – which proved their decision right!
See the slideshow of photos of the day, taken by photographer Jenny Harper, by clicking here.

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