A good day at Draycott Fayre 2014

Draycott Fayre 2014 had a hard act to follow after the huge success of the fair last year – but, wow, it managed it brilliantly!
John Clarke and his fantastic team of volunteers not only managed to keep the rain off (how did they do that??) but to put on an event that was thoroughly enjoyable.


The Y Ddraig Viking re-enactment group were, once again, the outstanding element of the day.  At times very funny, at times extremely bloodthirsty (!), they even managed, in their encampment, to cook up a very decent barley stew…   Their versions of hockey, and of ten-pin bowls, were a revelation.
However, they seemed not to have learnt the lessons of 2013.  After being humiliated last year, when they challenged the children of Draycott to battle, they foolishly sought revenge.  Once again, they were annihilated.  Very sad…

Children charge!

Children charge!      (pic: JClarke)

In the marquee, the music from jazz clarinettist Eric Newton kept the party swinging; and the Draycott Women’s Institute sold out of home-made jam by 1pm!  (Luckily, there was still marmalade).

Out in the arena, special congratulations must go to Forsbook Girl Guides.  They helped master-of-ceremonies John Beardmore to organise the country games, and sportingly took on a men’s side in the grand tug-o-war.  The men, who looked very complacent after leading the series 2-0, were quite shaken when the Guides stormed back to take the last rubber.  Well done, ladies!

As usual too, there were some fascinating cars buses engines lorries and more in the vintage vehicle rally.  Organiser Tom Sales even managed to get a taxi to come along this year.

Meanwhile, out on the main road, a 1950s red double-decker bus, staffed by members of the Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society, plied its trade up and down the local lanes, picking up ‘passengers’, and taking them to and from the fayre.


An album of lots of photos of the day can be found by clicking here.
When you go to the link, just click the play button to start the slideshow; then we suggest you set the speed at ‘slow’, and don’t forget to click the ‘Show Info’ button to see the captions.  Have fun with the memories.

Special mentions…

Who were the hardest workers on the day?  The dozens of brave volunteers.
Most of them are resident in Draycott and surrounding districts, so it was a truly local set-up.

High up the list of hard workers must come the staff of Draycott Moor College, led by Lee  Stanford, who ran the barbecue.  The queue for their wares never stopped, and, despite bringing in lots more food than last year, they still had sold out by 3pm!
On the bar Neil Archibald (Archie) and his partner Anita Borasinski had stepped in at the last minute to run it – and the pair managed to keep their cool all afternoon, despite never taking a rest.
Meanwhile, in the tea-tent, the Wibberley extended-family made pot after pot after pot of tea (like it had gone out of fashion!).  It’s even possible they made record takings – of around £500-£600.
And John Beardmore of course.  Fortunately for all of us, he is feeling on good form at the moment, and he made everything flow smoothly.  We all feared the worst when he started to sing – but the grey clouds passed on, and the sun came out again. (…Only joking..!)

Nominate your favourite…

But, there were lots more moments and lots more heroes – which we haven’t mentioned.  So, why not nominate your favourite?
Just use the comments-form (at the bottom of this page) – and let the world know just what you thought of the day and its events…

Also, why not let us have your photos?  If you have two or three that you think reflect elements of the day, well, just email them to us, and we will try to put them onto our photo gallery.

A good cause

There can be no doubt that thousands of pounds were raised – though the final tally will not be known for a while.

And the profits all go to the repair and maintenance of our medieval & historic church of St Margaret’s.  When so much of the history of Draycott village is disappearing, the project to keep St Margaret’s standing and available to our children is surely a good one.
(If it’s been a while since you saw the beautiful interior of the church, don’t forget that the church is open to the public on Saturday August 2nd and Saturday 6th September form 2pm-4pm).

The result of the raffles will be known soon.  We’ll let you know the results in a future post on this site.
If you are wondering what happened to the vintage plane that was due to do a fly-over, well, so is everybody else. The thinking is: it might have got lost!

If you have a comment to make about the day – add it in the little comment box further down this page


7 responses to “A good day at Draycott Fayre 2014

  1. Raffle results!

    Here are the raffle results for the fayre:

    1st Prize Owl Craft Experience 535 Wendy Mears
    2nd Four Alton Towers Tickets 1161 Lynne Bedson
    3rd Wolves Football 1532 Jill Lawton
    Hair Cutting Kit 1776 Heather Ward
    £25 Fuel Voucher 313 Pat & Geoff Perkin
    Planter from Draycott Nurseries 50 Tim Moore
    £20 Voucher from Mount Nurseries 1754 Adam Pasco
    £20 voucher from Shoetime 1072 a. bedson
    £20 Travel Voucher from Stoddards 140 June Salt
    £20 Voucher from Queen’s Arms 1770 Laura Bird
    £20 Voucher from Ford’s Of Blythe Bridge 184 Lorna Whitehurst
    Quilt And Pillow Set 264 Sian Anderson
    Pamper Hamper 144 Josephine Jones
    Wine 1262 M. Barnes
    Chocolates 1375 Liz Clutton
    £20 Voucher from Tesco 403 Diane Smeed
    Draycott Arms Voucher 1062 Jeanette Bedson
    Heath House Farm Voucher 1442 Kate Bradshaw
    Draycott Racquet & Fitness Gym Prize 899 Robert Ford
    Sizzatrix Cut And Blow Dry 1740 Mrs J Thorley
    Draycott Gym Pass For Two 752 John Bickley
    Draycott Gym Pass For Two 1143 Hazel & John
    Draycott Gym Pass For Two 1389 Tamsin Carr
    Draycott Circuit Training For Two 112 Eileen Bostock
    Draycott Circuit Training For Two 1040 Georgina Young
    Draycott Personal Training Session 914 Carolyn Naylor

    Congratulations to all the winners from the Organisers of the Draycott Fayre Raffle


  2. What happened to the Dakota again? shame it failed to appear.



    • Dakota... over there

      Good question Dannielle… It’s still not sure. It could be the pilot was workign on the wrong co-ordinates and went to the wrong place.
      Certainly, some of us saw a plane, about the right time, in the skies over to the north. Was that our plane?


      • I have been in touch with the RAF and they say that there was a mix-up with a Morgan Motor Rally nearby.
        When I get a full report I will get a post on this web-site ASAP.


    • Our plane is missing

      I know that John Clarke was phoned by the RAF for the map references, GPS coordinates and even the height of power cables!
      It is rumoured that the Dakota, on the day, was seen circling Cheadle! Has anyone else heard this story?

      Last year they could not fly as promised due to a bird strike damaging the plane.
      We are all very sorry to miss the aircraft again this year – a situation beyond our control.

      David Bickersteth http://stmargaretsdraycott.org.uk


  3. Dog show blues

    I have looked forward over the last couple of months to going to the Summer Fayre, as we do each year especially the dog show event that is run usually in the afternoons.
    After telephoning twice to confirm the time of the dog show, we were unable to get a fixed time. Upon arriving at 12-45pm I was informed the dog show had started at 11-30am.
    My friends and I who travel to these dog shows to support these events were very disappointed and said they would not return next year – after we were told it had taken place early as it might rain. Surely, this is without any thought of the people spending time and money preparing there dogs and travelling to this event?

    The event is usually a great day in our dog calendar and we always enjoy ourseves, but this year has been disappointment. Sorry.

    Kindest Regards A Jervis


  4. Saturday heroes

    The band and bbq on Staurday night, before the fayre, was also a brilliant occasion. Carole Reeve (on the bar) and Jane Meller (on the bbq) were heroes (umm… heroines)

    A grateful consumer!


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