NEWS: Parish & College clash / Clerk vacancy / white posts / record land price

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late July 2014 
News of…:  Parish Council calls for action on Draycott College / white posts protect verges / record prices for Draycott pastureland / no takers yet for parish clerk job / cricket summer school for youngsters…
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Draycott Moor in the news

Despite the fact that the school has broken up for the summer, Draycott Moor College is in the news.
On the one hand, it is generously throwing open its facilities to the community; but on the other hand it is in Draycott Parish Council’s black books.  The parish council would like to see the college admonished…

Draycott College play-area gates

Gates – now unlocked

First, the good news.   After years of trying to get the parish council to take responsibility for the small playing field on its site, the college has simply decided to let the community make up its own mind.  It is leaving the gates to the small play-area unlocked – and thus the community can make full use of it.

Draycott College play area

Draycott College play area

One local resident in Draycott Old Road told us: “I am so pleased for the teenagers here, and for the children, that the play-area is open. But we will need to watch out; and hope no bad elements start to use it.”

The other news is that the parish council has decided to write to the Staffordshire Education Committee to ask it to review its attitude to the college.
The college, which is privately-run, takes referrals for troubled children.  On the site, a small number of such children (fewer than twenty), who arrive from from all over the county, are educated.

Despite the fact that an open forum between residents and school staff was held only recently, the councillors are concerned about the number of anti-social incidents in and around the school.
At their meeting, some councillors expressed a desire to see the school shut down.

(This article has been edited since it was first published because of differing opinions about what was actually said at the meeting)

– – –
Time to apply

It seems that no one wants to take up the post of Clerk to Draycott Parish Council.

Although the post pays £250 a month (working from home in your own time), there have been few applicants since the present clerk, Mary Edwards, announced her intention to retire.
So the post has been re-advertised, though applications should be in by the end of this month.

For more details, email Mary or phone her on 01782 394807

– – –
White posts

If you’ve walked through Cresswell recently, you’ll notice that three or four properties now have white posts in their grass verges.

White posts on Sandon Road

White posts on Sandon Road

The posts are a response to the thorny problem of car-owners parking on verges.  (See our previous article about the issue).  The County Highways Department placed them there as an experiment, in response to a request from the local VVSM community action group.

If you’re interested in having such posts outside your home, or just want to know more, just email VVSM.

– – –
Record prices for land

As we mentioned in a previous post, Newton Park Farm, which is at the top end of Cresswell Old Lane – and was the home of the late Ken Shelley – was being sold at auction.

What’s interesting is that the pastureland associated with the house – some 27 acres – went for a very high price indeed – of almost half-a-million pounds!   That represents a staggering amount of almost £18,000 per acre.

The Leek Post & Times, which reported the auction, commented in an article that the price per acre is quite possibly a record high-price for this district.

– – –
School for cricket

Finally, this wonderful weather we’re having is proving very beneficial to Blythe Cricket Club in Cresswell.
The first team are really going great guns, and are not far off a promotion place – possibly helped by the support that’s turned out in the lovely sunshine.

The club’s ‘professional’, the international bowler Upul Indrasiri, must also be enjoying the weather, as he’s decided to set up a cricket summer school for youngsters aged from 7 to 19 (both boys and girls).
The first sessions take place at the club next week, although there is a second set of sessions in August.  For full details, and how to apply, see our What’s On pages)

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4 responses to “NEWS: Parish & College clash / Clerk vacancy / white posts / record land price

  1. Draycott Moor College

    The reference to the Draycott Parish Council meeting, which was at the June meeting not July, needs some clarification.
    The comment concerning Draycott Moor College was one parish councillor’s opinion, who was concerned about the lack of control of pupils. The parish council secretary was asked to write to the Education Department to ask if more could be done to control the antics of pupils absconding from the establishment.
    There was no vote taken at the council meeting and there was no suggestion that the council wanted the school closed.


    • Draycott College

      Thanks Rocketman.
      I was at the meeting, and was listening carefully (so i thought) to the debate. My understanding was: the council decided, as a group, to write to the County Council Education Committee to ask it to withdraw its support for the school.
      The intention of that – as I understood from what I thought I heard – was that, if the Education committee withdrew its support, as the council hoped, the school could no longer continue.
      The discussion seemed to stress that there have been so many complaints from the council already about the behaviour of some students at the school, that it was felt firmer action was needed this time.

      Anyway… it seems I must have misheard. The minutes of this parish-council meeting, which have recently been published, simply say that a letter is to be sent to the Education Committee repeating previous requests for more discipline to be administered by the school.
      The minutes are of course a legal record of what was said at the meeting.

      (It should be noted that the school is an independent and private organisation, and not controlled by Staffs County).

      Website editor


  2. Posts on the verges

    Just to let everyone know that the these white posts have been installed to reinstate the grass on the verges. There were also problems with a man hole cover sticking up. Once they have returned to the way they were we can chose to have them removed. The highways agency have done a good job.
    Also really pleased to see the new Parish Council notice board in Cresswell. The lay-by now looks lovely :0)

    Villagers-Voice, VVSM


  3. Such good news that the playing field will now be open. A play area is desperately needed this time of year.

    The Head at Draycott College has always been really supportive in helping with VVSM events.
    The staff are dealing with children that have profound behaviour difficulties and trying their best. Perhaps the education department will look at the issues and reach some kind of package that will support the community and the children. For example they could look at the problem of the children leaving the school premises. I know that usually children have to have a note from home before they are allowed to go out during lesson time. If it is break and lunchtimes that are causing difficulties then something needs to change.

    Villagers-Voice, VVSM


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