Draycott and World War One

This weekend will see most of the commemorative events to do with the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One.  Sadly, very little is happening specifically in Draycott district – though there is a special church service at St Peter’s in nearby Blythe Bridge on Sunday evening. (See our What’s On page for details of events near Draycott this weekend).


However, you can see work by some children from Draycott in the exhibitions that are currently running in Blythe Bridge.

The children of William Amory Primary – where many of our youngsters attend – have created an installation which is very moving.
Especially moving are contemporary letters from the Front, which the children have painstakingly copied out.

William Amory School WW1 display

William Amory School’s WW1 display

You can see this work every Monday afternoon in August at BB Methodist Church Hall and on the morning of Saturday 9th August (See our What’s On page for details).

Blythe Bridge School WW1 display

Blythe Bridge School WW1 display at the library

The pupils at Blythe Bridge High have their exhibition at the library.  Not only have they created their own works of art, they have connected into the Letter To An Unknown Soldier project, in which they were asked to send a personal message to a soldier who served and was killed during World War One.  Again, very moving.


Draycott-in-the-Moors does have its own war memorial, but, for some strange reason, it has not been recorded on national databases.  It’s not clear why not.  The local history society tell us that it is not listed by The War Memorials Trust or The UK National Inventory of War Memorials; and does not appear on any history sites that they have been able to discover.

Draycott war memorial

Draycott war memorial inside St Margaret’s

Admittedly, this roll of honour, which can be found inside Draycott St Mary’s Church, was erected long after most others were.
According to Sara Gibson (nee Kellaway):  “…it was put up around 1969, when Dr Healey was rector.   My Dad, a church warden, arranged for the stone from the quarry via Les Orme (who was a director and lived in Draycott parish)”.
Does anyone else have any more facts about the memorial?   You can use the comments box further down this page to add any information.

In fact, you may wish a few private moments at the memorial this weekend.  St Margaret’s is open to the public tomorrow (Saturday August 2nd) – between 2pm and 4pm.  You’ll find the memorial inside the church, on the north wall.

(If you find the photos too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately!
Then, just press the back-button to get back to this page)


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