News: end of… B Colours, D Potter / British food fest / self-defence class

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-August 2014 
News of…:  final curtain for Blythe Colours / goodbye Draycott Potter FC, hello B Arms FC / Izaak looks for local produce / Tara hosts free self-defence class…
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– – –
Sad days

You may remember that we reported a couple of months ago that things looked grim for Blythe Colours.   The Blythe Colour Works, which has dominated the life of Cresswell for over a hundred years, was famous for producing the different types of colourations needed in the pottery industry. Its factory once covered a huge site, which is now largely where Blythe Business Park is.
Of course, the business has shrunk a lot since its hey-day in the 1950s, but the remnants of the firm still maintained premises on the park, and employed some sixty people.

Blythe Colours in 1934

Blythe Colours in 1934       (Courtesy of the Barry Phillips Photo Collection)

However, the curtain is coming down.
Just a few days ago, we received a press-release from Johnson Matthey, the chemicals giant which is the parent company to Blythe Colours.  It says:
A consultation (with the workforce) has been completed and it was accepted that the manufacturing at Cresswell would cease. Therefore all manufacturing will cease in September 2014.”

For many people locally this news will mark the end of an era.

– – –
No more Potter

And, just as one local institution closes down, so does another.
The Draycott Potter football club, which played on a pitch on Cresswell Old Lane for many years up until 2013, has disbanded. The club has resigned from the Uttoxeter League.

It was inevitable really, as the team had been forced to find a new ground, and last year it moved lock stock & barrel to a site three miles away.

Draycott Potter attacking

Draycott Potter attacking.  Not a sight we shall ever see again.

So the lads have started afresh, founding a new team – The Butchers Arms FC – named after the public house in Forsbrook which has sponsored their new strip.  They will be playing in the Potteries & District Sunday League (Division 2) though will continue to play home games on Blythe Bridge Recreation pitch.

A familiar face – John Giblin – remains as manager (with assistance from Steve Talbot).  The Giblin family has been a mainstay for the team – with Kath Giblin surely the team’s most loyal fan!
We expect that Brian Hilton will continue to be chief supporter of course.  Brian, who celebrated his seventieth birthday a couple of months ago, was chairman for many many years.  Without him, Draycott Potter would not have survived as a club for as long as it did.

The new Sunday League season starts on 24th August – and we wish The Butchers Arms FC the best of luck!!

– – –
Best of British

Talking of pubs, it’s good to see that the Izaak Walton Pub-Restaurant is supporting British Food Fortnight, which will run from 20th September to 5th October.
As well as celebrating the best of British by producing new dishes every day, Kathy and her team are inviting growers of local produce to join them and sell their home-grown food on the premises. For details contact the Izaak Walton.

British Food Fortnight

British Food Fortnight logo

And if you want to show some extra love for British food, the BFF website has a list of fourteen ways in which you can do just that!

– – –
Keep safe

Finally, our very own Tara Dean-Bundred, who runs the Tatsui Kai ju-jitsu ‘dojo’ centre on Blythe Business Park in Cresswell, has announced that she will be holding a FREE one-hour personal-safety seminar there on 4th September.
Tara works closely with both Social Services and Staffordshire Police (who are funding the safety sessions) in this field, and even has her own company which specialises in teaching about ways of staying safe and of safe escape techniques – so she knows what she’s talking about.
To take part, you must book a place though.

Incidentally, Tara has also recently introduced Tai Chi classes at the dojo, so if you prefer something a little less strenuous, such classes may be just the thing for you.

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