PHOTO: A 1930s car rally

The news that the Blythe Colours business is finally to close down after a century in Cresswell (see news article) reminded us that, at one time, much of the land in Cresswell owed to its development to the Colours Works.
Not only did the firm build houses in the village for its managers, but many workers lived here too.

The tennis club (now Draycott Sports Centre) and the fishing lake opposite the old Bird In Hand pub were also created by the Works – as leisure-time activities for its thousands of workers.  (Those were the days!)
The Works also developed the Cresswell cricket ground, which is now owned by Blythe Cricket Club.

The photo below shows a car rally on the ground in the 1930s – the oak tree in the corner is still standing to this day.

Car rally 1930s

Car rally in the 1930s  (Joe Thorley Collection)

(If you find this photo too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately!
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This photo comes from the Joe Thorley Collection.  Joe, who lived at Totmonslow, was an inveterate snapper, and particularly liked to take photos of village life in Draycott and Tean, right from the 1920s till his death in the 1950s.
His collection is still carefully looked after by his descendants in the village.

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