Cloggerfest 2014 success

To all those who said it couldn’t work, we have news for you: the second Cloggerfest free music festival – at Blythe Cricket Club’s ground – was a great day for audience and musicians alike!  Congratulations to organisers Dave & Lee Owen and Ange Heathcote.
For this one day in the year, Cresswell rocked…

Family fun

All the camping spots were sold out by the day, so the pre-festival (Friday) night was a chance for all the campers to relax – and for all the local people to come down and have a drink with them, as well as have a bop in the disco tent.  It was like a reunion as many people saw folk they had not seen for a while…!

Cloggerfest camping

Cloggerfest camping

Fortunately the weather was mild on the Saturday morning, and the family activities went as smoothly as chocolate (as one visitor said).  Zumba dancing sessions, zombie face-painting and crafts stalls were all doing good business.
Much of the profit from the festival will go towards establishing a new community centre/pavilion at Blythe cricket club.

Face-painting - zombie-style

Face-painting – zombie-style

The highlight of the morning however was the gurning competition (one of only two officially registered gurning competitions in the country).

Rob Shaw, Cloggerfest 2014 Gurning Champion

Rob Shaw, Cloggerfest 2014 Gurning Champion

Defending champion Rob Shaw ‘faced’ off over a dozen hopefuls though, and retained his title.


Many of us thought that the organisers would find it very difficult to keep the fifteen bands on the bill to the running order timings, but amazingly – and despite the bursts of rain – that’s more or less what happened!
The one-thousand audience just sat back and enjoyed what turned out to be a really well-run day.

All the acts came from within a twenty-mile radius, and each and every one was amazingly professional (in our humble opinion).
Hollie Vee & The Hubkaps are a blistering rockabilly outfit and they contrasted with the more rootsy appeal of the Wilcox-Hulse duo. Industrial-noise outfit Jimmy Dammage & Shadow were a late addition to the bill, but performed like they’d been rehearsing for weeks…

Jimmy Dammage

Jimmy Dammage

The two bands who helped create the event – Sons Of Clogger and Headsticks – finished the night with a storm!

Cloggerfest 2015

We’re told that preparations for Cloggerfest 3 are already under way, with the intention to expand even more.
If Cloggerfest 3 can be as friendly and professional as Cloggerfest 2 was, that would be some achievement.

Lee and Dave Owen

Lee and Dave Owen

Lee & Dave Owen, we salute you…!

If you want to see more reviews and more photos from the festival, click the Cloggerfest Facebook page.

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