New Haden colliery

The main summer exhibition at the Cheadle Discovery Centre centred on the area’s collieries.  If you are a history lover, and you missed it, you missed a treat, as there were many display boards and lots of old photographs.

The only deep-pit colliery which can be said to have been within Draycott’s borders was New Haden Colliery – and the centre featured a whole display featuring the old pit.

Part of the New Haden Pit display at Cheadle Discovery Centre

Part of the New Haden Pit display at Cheadle Discovery Centre

New Haden’s workings basically stretched under the Draycott Cross ridge, and the great profitability of the pit was massively aided by the fact that the Cheadle to Cresswell railway line & tunnel ran almost right through it.
It seems to have started life as the ‘Klondyke’ pit (though we await corrections on that!) – just after 1900.

Curiously, as the exhibition explained, one of the owners, John Slater, who took on the colliery in 1917, was a former footballer.
Perhaps it was him who encouraged the formation of a pit football team?

New Haden FC 1925

New Haden FC 1925   (thanks to Cheadle Discovery Centre for the pic)

For more information about the New Haden pit, consult Mathew Pointon’s local history book.  For more about the tunnel, click here.
Amazingly, a lot of New Haden is preserved as the old buildings are being re-used as part of the New Haden Pumps factory, on Cheadle Road.

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