News: lengthsman post / speed limits / Tai Chi / Labour’s man

News-in-brief from Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-September 2014 
News of…:  vacancy for a lengthsman / speed limits campaign hots up / Tai Chi classes / Labour’s election candidate …
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– – –
Is forty too much?

The debate about speed limits in Draycott may be coming to a head.    As we have reported in the past, a few local people would like to see the stretch up the bank from the Draycott Arms (going in the Tean direction) changed from a 40mph limit to a 30mph.
That stretch of road is not only narrow, but has no pavement for around a ten-yard length. Police traffic teams have been in action in the area recently, and, yes, caught a number of speeding motorists…

Road sign near Draycott Arms

Road sign just up from Draycott Arms

So, what’s happening?
Mark Deaville, who as well as being a Draycott parish councillor is also the county councillor responsible for transport issues, has been talking to local newspapers – and told them he has made formal representations to the Highways Department to get the speed-limit at the Draycott Arms lowered.
He tells us that he’ll be meeting highways officers this week to check on how his proposal is being received.

Meanwhile, another Draycott parish councillor, John Ford, said he is starting a petition calling on local people to support the campaign to get the speed limit lowered.  John, who is also landlord at The Draycott Arms, said: “I am not prepared to wait until there are fatalities there. The road there is just like Brands Hatch!”
You’ll find copies of the petition, ready for signing, at his pub.

Watch this space…

– – –
Are you handy?

Draycott Parish Council is looking for a ‘lengthsman’ for this district. The post would be suitable for a person with time on their hands.

But, you may ask, what is a lengthsman??
In fact, it’s an ancient term, but basically a lengthsman is simply a handy-person.  Their principal role is to carry out minor highway maintenance – clearing drainage areas, trimming hedges, keeping signs and local sites maintained, minor painting jobs and that sort of thing.  The lengthsman (who can be male or female) works on their own, usually using their own tools.

Interested?  Contact the Parish Clerk, Mary Edwards – on 01782 394807  or by email.

– – –
Sam’s Labour’s man

Well, you can tell a general election is around the corner.  All the local politicians are doing their utmost to get coverage!
We notice for instance that our local MP, Bill Cash, has suddenly started writing a column for the local newspaper…

Meanwhile, Labour has just announced its candidate for the Stone constituency (Draycott falls into the Stone constituency): a young man called Sam Hale. You may remember Sam as a former member of the UK Youth Parliament (for Cheadle); and as a recipient of the Princess Diana Memorial Award for his service to this community.

Sam Hale

Sam Hale

Expect to see Sam and Bill knocking on our doors sometime soon.

The general election takes place in May next year.  Not only will there be parliamentary elections, but also elections for local councils.
In fact, all seats on Draycott Parish Council are up for grabs – so if you think you might want to stand for this parish next May, it’s worth starting to think about it soon.

– – –
Get fit gently

We forgot to mention the Dojo Centre when we were mentioning the range of local keep-fit classes in a recent post.
As well as all the multifarious classes at the Draycott Sports Centre, the nearby Tatsu Kai Dojo Centre (on Blythe Business Park) also offers a wide range of fitness activities.  Its latest offering is TaiChi on a Tuesday night at 6:30pm for an hour.

TaiChi is very gentle, but, because it calls for concentration, it’s a great way of toning up.  The first lesson is free – so it’s well worth just taking a look.
Contact Tara for more info or just turn up.

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