PHOTO: Monster man in Draycott

Where do you think this photo was taken?  The highlands of Norway?  The bleak expanses of Tierra del Fuego?
Nope.  This monster man was photographed in our very own Draycott Cross!

LARP character

…wouldn’t like to meet this fella on a dark night…

In fact, here we have a character from a very complicated seven-day ‘Live Action Role Playing’ (LARP) event.  LARP, which is all about the enactment of fantasy narratives, is now very popular – according to BBC reports.

Huntley Wood Centre in Draycott Cross specialises in putting on such events, and this picture was taken when a well-known LARP group ‘Heart Of Pargon‘ hired the Huntley Wood park.
Thanks to Will Power for the photo – and you can see more of his pictures of the event by clicking here.

If you find this photo too small to see properly, all you have to do is double-click on the photo itself, and it will double in size immediately!
Just press the back-button to get back to this page.

If you too would like to submit a Draycott-based photo or short video for this Photo spot, please get in touch


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